Five Ways to Help You and Your Child Get Through Homeschooling

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By Laura Neubauer, CEO & Founder, Eteenpreneur

How are you adjusting to and managing the shift from in-person schooling to teaching your children at home? There is no question: It is challenging.

My daughter, a schoolteacher, is doing her best to teach her students differently — but has been restricted by stringent rules. The other daughter, a college student, is missing out on the college experience — and hates the Zoom lectures.

There is a problem: Online schooling delivers the same educational content in the same format; the kids are on Zoom overload and feel isolated from their friends. We have to change the framework. This is not the educator's fault — the system is broken.

As a parent and master creator of, I advocate for teaching our children differently — and I did so even before the pandemic. There is no clear path to college or the workforce anymore. There is no "right" way. So how do we manage now?

Consider these five ideas:

1. Nurture

Nurturing talents and interests will be a game-changer for your child as the world continues to shift. Traditional schooling has not allowed our children to shine and develop their talents because of the brick-and-mortar confines, but a new construct could open up worlds of possibilities for kids.

2. Microlearning

Develop a learning calendar with your child. Break down learning into small chunks (microlearning). Include time to have the freedom to explore new and exciting ideas, plan for fun time and family time, connecting with friends digitally, and, of course, study time. This will help your child focus, be creative, and not be bored.

3. Digital Interactions

Leverage positive digital interactions so they stay engaged on a social level. There are wonderful social platforms that are both fun and educational, such as my own These social platforms offer content differently, such as how kids can be leaders in their community, how they can be financially savvy, or how they can become entrepreneurs. These platforms encourage them to go after what they want to do in life — business, music, sports, advocacy. It expands their learning and gives them more options.

4. Share with Your Child

Have a “Take your child to work" day. If you are working from home, bring them into your world. Share with them what it is you do all day. Eliminate the mystery, that elusive thing you do.

5. See Through Their Eyes

Have a “Take your parent to school" day. Sit with your child in their virtual classroom. Experience what they are going through. Empathy goes a long way.

As we travel this uncharted journey together, our goal is to help our children be successful in their pursuits. Let’s think differently and accept that traditional schooling is a way of the past. How our children learn and engage is forever changed. The subjects and measurements of our children's success are different, thank goodness. The old mindset of either you pass or fail is not the way to measure our child. Success can now be measured on their terms through learning differently, lifting their talents and interests, and helping them engage differently with their friends.

Laura Neubauer is the CEO & Founder of Eteenpreneur, an online virtual academy & network for young people to learn business enterprise. Based out of Henderson, Nevada, Eteenpreneur prepares teenagers to be the entrepreneurs and pioneers of tomorrow.

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