Healthy Grooming Habits for Kids

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We are home for who knows how long and I have more than just schooling to teach my kids. I wish someone had taught me about the importance of self-care when I was younger. This is something I learned much later in life. I'm using this time to create self-care habits that my children will grow up with. My children watch my every move, so setting a good example is important.

Take Care of Your Body from Head to Toes

Let’s start at the top: The number of times I have heard “I don’t need a haircut, I’m not walking the red carpet” is unimaginable. Looking good is about so much more than how you look; it’s about how you feel. With a history of anxiety and depression in my family, I think it is so important to get up every day, get dressed, and take care of how you look, because it will in turn make you feel better, which is always essential, especially in a time of social distancing and isolation. Even when we can’t go out to get their hair cut, it doesn’t mean that we are walking around with shaggy hair. I have learned a new skill and have given the boys haircuts. It took a lot of convincing, but after the fact, both boys felt like new people, proving my point that self-care is good for the soul.

Brush Your Teeth Two Times a Day

Oral hygiene is a must around here. While some mornings are a rush, the best self-care tip I want my kids to learn at a young age is to brush, floss, and use mouthwash twice a day. While this is more of a mundane self-care task, we create fun timer games or brush for the length of their favorite song to keep them engaged. 


When it comes to showering, I joke that they hate getting in and they hate getting out. The girls are always happy to shower and look forward to having clean hair, while the boys fear they will melt like the Wicked Witch of the West when water touches their skin. This is where I find that routine is everything. Once they get into a routine and know that 7 p.m. is shower time, there is less of a fight to get in. However, once they get in, they never want to get out, which leaves me talking to them about saving enough hot water for the rest of the house.  


Taking care of your body is a really important self-care tip that I am teaching my kids. We talk about watching what we put into our bodies and ensuring that we exercise often. Our daily walks have become something we all look forward to. It’s amazing how a bit of physical activity can clear your mind. On days when we are stuck in the house due to the weather, we always do a fun family workout on YouTube or do yoga together to clear the mind and take care of the body.


I want my children to be grateful. I always want them to see the good around them and not focus on the bad. It’s easy to focus on all the negative things around us, but sometimes it takes effort to see the good. Each day we talk about the things we are grateful for, and sometimes I have them journal it, as well. Taking time to think about gratitude while they are young is a self-care skill that will translate when they are older and serve them well in the future.

Care for Yourself While Caring for Others

Lastly, I want them to care for others. Giving back is so important. My children often see me volunteering my time and giving back whenever we can. We have started a tradition of asking for donations to foundations that are important to our family instead of asking for presents on the kids' birthdays. We frequently talk about how important it is to give to others, and what better way to celebrate another year of health and happiness than by giving back? This is just one of the ways I am teaching my children about caring for others. At home, we donate things we no longer need and make sure that we are reaching out to others who need more support right now. There is always a way to give back, and I want my kids to see that at a young age so they can continue to help others as they grow up.

We are using this time at home to see good and do good. Teaching my kids about self-care is just one of the many things I want them to learn before we come out of quarantine.

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