Summer Vacation 2020: At-Home Edition

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Summer’s usually the time for some exciting, relaxing vacations. But this year, we’re more likely to spend that time in the comfort of our own homes. Most of us had to cancel our summer plans, and we’re all trying to redefine normalcy during this pandemic. To that end, we’re all looking for fun, budget-friendly activities that won't compromise our safety. Here’s a list of some things that you can do this summer:

Set Up a ‘Fancy’ Picnic in Your Backyard: This is a great option for friends that want to get together without being in a confined space. It also makes for a nice photo-op. If you want to give your picnic a rustic vibe without breaking the piggy bank, go to your local market and ask for a wood pallet to use as your picnic table. They’ll typically give it to you for free. Next, add some cute, bohemian-style pillows and a rug to tie everything together.

Drive-In Movie Night in Your Driveway: A friend of mine did this and I absolutely adored the idea — bringing the movie theaters to you. Projectors can cost as low as $90 on online shopping sites. Set up the projector outside with a white cloth over your garage. Next, back park your cars into the driveway, open your trunks and fill them up with your favorite blankets and pillows, and get some popcorn. Then that’s it — you’re all set for movie night.

Family/Friends Olympics at Your Local Park: Remember when you used to have those “field days” in elementary school? Well, now you can set up an adult version. Games such as three-legged races, water-balloon toss, tipsy waiter, etc., never get old. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with a little competition — you can create your own trophies or order customized ones online. This can even be the start of an annual event.

Can’t Decide? Pick an Activity Out of a Jar: What better way to figure out what to do than to let fate decide? First, you’ll need to get some wooden popsicle sticks, a permanent marker, and a Mason jar. Next, write down on the sticks the most random activities you wouldn’t normally do, like: fly a kite, paint your favorite location, paddle boarding, DIY sushi night, spontaneous road trip, etc. When you’re looking for something to do, all you have to do is pick one out from the jar!

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