4 DIY Activities to Fend Off Summertime Sadness

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With most families staying indoors due to the pandemic, it can be challenging to keep kids entertained. Especially when school is out for summer — no more online classes keeping them busy.

For parents, now is the time to get creative and indulge in some fun and exciting activities with their kids. Here are four DIY crafts and games that keep my 6-year-old cousin engaged.

Foam Paint

You need four items to do this activity: shaving cream, food coloring of your choice, glue, and a zip lock (to pipe out the foam). Mix the first three ingredients in a bowl and then pour the concoction in the zip-lock bag. Seal it, and then cut off a corner at the bottom of the bag. Make your kids hold the bag as if they are piping icing swirls on cupcakes. Instead, there will be a large cardboard canvas. They can create shapes, write short words, or even practice writing numbers on the cardboard. Once the design is completed, let the foam solidify overnight.

Clay Craft

Clay molding is a fun and interesting exercise to spur your kid’s imagination and creativity. My cousin loves the doughy texture and the variety of colors of clay. Her favorite shapes include a caterpillar, a bar of chocolate, a snail, and flowers. As she uses her hands to mold shapes from clay, the activity also improves her motor skills.

Painting Old Glass Bottles

This is an inexpensive way to turn old glass bottles into something magnificent, and also to keep your kids engaged. First, wash and dry the bottles thoroughly. My cousin draws random designs using acrylic paints. Since circles are the easiest to draw, you can guide your children to make sun shapes all over the bottles. (Be sure they don’t accidentally drop the paint on their clothing — acrylics are hard to wash.)

'Lemonade Stand'

It’s a seasonal rite of passage, but you don’t have to actually sell lemonade to enjoy the fun — particularly with social distancing such an issue. You can make the signs for the stand, and make the lemonade, and then “buy” the drinks from your kids. Pretend play is an important part of development, and you can even teach them about the interaction that happens between sellers and buyers. It is incredible how much a kid can learn from experiencing a simple market in action.

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