Are You Cool According to Gen Z?

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You think you’re a cool mom, right? You’re a Swiftie, you wear Vans, and you watched the Harry Potter reunion on HBO Max with your kid. I hate to break it to you, but your Gen Z kid probably thinks you’re super lame. I should know; my 13-year-old is constantly calling me out for all the lame things I do. Wanna know if you’re just as lame as me, or maybe even lamer? Take this quiz to find out, scoring a point for every relatable statement. 

  • You write all your texts with perfect grammar and punctuation.
  • You still use the expression "getting my groove back."
  • You wear your hair with a side part.
  • You live for #WineWednesday. Give yourself a bonus point if you've ever used that hashtag.
  • You prefer to talk on the phone over texting. (Who doesn’t, amirite?)
  • You wonder why Gen Z loves wearing mom jeans.
  • Facebook is your favorite social.
  • You don't close the apps on your phone after you use them.
  • A "gather" sign hangs in your dining room.
  • You use the crying-laughing emoji.
  • You have a mug that says: "But first, coffee."
  • You wear skinny jeans.

If you got:

0-2 points: NOT LAME

Congratulations, you’re not lame at all! Or are you? Retake this quiz and answer honestly this time. If you don’t have a “gather” sign in your dining room, but you really want one, count it anyway. 

3-6 points: LAME-ISH

You’re a well-balanced mother who rides a thin line between acting teen-approved cool and truly being cool (we see you, and you’re pretty much the coolest). 


Why’d you even bother taking this quiz? Sorry, sister; you’re a bona fide lamer, and your teen has surely let you know before this quiz. But keep rocking those skinny jeans. You look damn fiiiine in them.

Tags: humor, Motherhood, parenting, Tweens/Teens

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Marimelle Pascual-Pennington

Marimelle was born and raised in the Philippines; her family moved to Californ... See Full Bio

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