A Parent's Back-to-School Guide for 2021

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This is not a drill.

The school supplies have hit the shelves, backpacks are filled, lunches are made, and the class bells are ringing again. Ladies, school is officially back in session. 

After more than a year of makeshift kitchen/living room/bedroom classrooms and playing teacher, parents everywhere are sighing (or crying) with relief that their kids will return to the old ways of school life...but what's different about this year?

With the new (almost) post-COVID world, there are some challenges to navigate that we haven't had to think about for a hot minute. You have enough to juggle, so to ensure you're feeling prepped for your kids going back to school this year, we've created a back-to-school guide to help you navigate school in 2021. From inexpensive school wardrobes that never go out of style to remote learning pointers and pro-tips on Jedi-mind tricking your family into getting organized, we've basically created your back-to-school crash course here. We've got you, girl. 

Back-to-School Nutritious Lunches Kids Will Love -  "Before you go pulling your hair out, I have some tips and lunch ideas that will remove the lunch-making dread. These are back-to-school nutritious lunches kids will love." 

3 Ways Kids Can Make New Friends — Even During a Pandemic - "When school campuses closed in 2020 due to the pandemic, many kids found it difficult to make new friends and connections. In response, former teacher Karen Aronian, Ed.D., spearheaded Teacher2Neighbor.com — a nonprofit volunteer organization that provides free tutoring to students and families."

4 Ways to Ease Your Child’s Anxiety About Going Back To School - "For many kids, it will be their first time in a year interacting with lots of people at once. It will also be their first time navigating new health and safety protocols on campus." 

5 Quick and Tasty Lunch Ideas When You're on a Health Kick - "While it is easy to get caught up in the cycle of going out to eat or grabbing takeout for lunch, the cost of this habit stacks up quickly. In addition, it is much easier to eat healthily when you are in control of each ingredient that goes into your food. "

The Simple Concept That Finally Got My Family (Mostly) Organized - "What does it mean? Very simply, it means that you designate a space in your home for each item (e.g., wallet or keys) or type of item (e.g., tools or charging cables) and prioritize the return of that item to its place when you are done using it or by the end of the day. Sounds easy, right? "

This Is Crucial for Your School Routine This Year - "t’s been a long time since my family of six has been in a routine where everyone needs to get out of the house on time to different locations. Getting to the computer on time for online learning didn't exactly require planning. We are all out of experience when it comes to getting organized for school, so we can all benefit from some tips."

11 Healthy, Quick Meals Kids Can't Resist - "As we get back to normal normal and not just “the new normal,” the struggles we faced two years ago are back. Namely: how to whip up a minimal effort, convenient, nutritious but kid-friendly meal fast."

How I’m Creating a Back-to-School Capsule Wardrobe For 3 Kids - "A capsule wardrobe is basically a limited selection of clothing that you can mix and match to make multiple outfit combinations. The pieces in your capsule wardrobe are typically sustainable, fully functional, and may even follow a theme or preference."

Stylin' Face Masks Your Kids Will Actually Love - "Wearing a face mask has become the norm during a year when we are living through a pandemic. But masks are not a one-size-fits-all sort of thing. Making sure your mask fits your face properly ensures protection, which is where masks specifically made for children come into play."

Healthy Back-to-School Sandwiches - "It's back to school, ladies, and getting healthy meals and snacks on the table in a hurry can pose a bigger challenge than ever during the school year. As parents, we often rely on sandwiches to fill hungry little tummies. Kids love sandwiches — they’re easy and quick. What parent hasn’t fallen back on the old sandwich-and-soup trick at the end of a long day?"

Easy, Fun & Creative: DIY P.E. Ideas for Virtual Learning Breaks - "Do you feel ready to start another school year? Over here, we’re in for at least another semester of e-learning, and that means I have to come up with even more ways to entertain my kids. Luckily, I have known that this was going to be our new normal for a while, so I’m in prep mode. I’ve actually been working on compiling a list of the best backyard activities for creative kids."

How to Navigate Virtual Learning With Your Child - "Hosted by CircleAround writer Helena Goto and featuring Dr. Michael Rich, a.k.a. “The Mediatrician.” Dr. Rich is the director of the Center on Media and Child Health and a resident physician at the Boston Children’s Hospital. This episode, the fifth, features virtual learning questions submitted by CircleAround community members and covers how to navigate virtual learning with your children."

Keeping My Son Motivated During Remote Learning - "I was shocked when I realized what was happening. Out of all the difficulties we had to overcome during remote learning, my son losing motivation was the biggest, most unexpected challenge we had to face. I didn’t know at the time, but it turns out that my preteen wasn’t alone in slacking and giving up on the 2019-2020 school year once everything went to e-learning."

6 Ways Parents Can Choose the Best Online Education Program for Kids - "Many parents have been scrambling to figure out the best ways to educate their kids during the lockdown, as online learning became the new norm. To help parents make the best decisions for their families, Karin McKie is here to provide some tips. McKie has been an educator for over a decade, specializing in teaching a variety of subjects online."

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