​Ways Parents Can Bond With Their Tweens and Teens

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When my kids were younger, they loved spending time with their mommy, no matter what we were doing, whether it was playing a board game, cuddling while we watched animated movies, or baking together. Now, over a decade later, my kids are almost teenagers, and we don’t spend as much time together as we used to, due to our busy schedules. Thankfully, though, I’ve discovered that being quarantined together has given us the chance to reconnect.

Along with bonding over shared interests like music, I’ve discovered that learning more about what my kids are passionate about is a surefire way to connect with them. For example, my 11-year-old loves wrestling and talks about it constantly, so I try to learn the names of the wrestlers and more about the sport in general, so when he is talking about it, I have some idea what he is talking about and can carry on a conversation with him about it. He’s started coming with me when I walk the dog, and I ask him about the next event that’s coming up. He then spends half an hour telling me all about it while we walk together. It’s been wonderful to spend that quality time together each day, and I love hearing the excitement in his voice as he talks.

From TikTok to Road Trips: Connecting With Your Kids

Here are some other fun ideas to connect with tweens and teens based on their interests:

  • Do they love to dance and make videos? Record a TikTok or YouTube video together.
  • Have a gamer? Play video games together.
  • Does your child love coding? Develop a smartphone app together.
  • Raising a budding artist? Create something together.
  • Does your teen love to explore? Plan a road trip together.
  • Have an athlete in the family? Play their favorite sport together.
  • Raising the next top chef? Have a “bake off” or cook something together.
  • Do they show an interest in advocacy? Explore activist opportunities together.
  • Does your child dream of being an engineer? Build something together.
  • Have a budding entrepreneur? Take an online class, like photography or marketing, together.
  • Is your child competitive? Play a board game together.
  • Raising a cinephile? Have a themed movie night together.

Whatever brings your preteen or teen joy is the perfect way to connect with them and create memories.

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Alicia Peiffer

Alicia lives in the Chicago suburbs where she is raising two preteens and a toddler with her husband. She works from home... See Full Bio

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