Ways to Honor Your Father Figure This Father’s Day

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Father's Day is a wonderful chance to show your dad how much you treasure him. Families come in all shapes and sizes, however, and a father figure isn’t always a biological parent. RelaxingSpace Lead Editor Aleesha Dane tells CircleAround that she considers her dad a hero. But she also uses Father’s Day as an opportunity to celebrate another father figure in her life. 

“My neighbor near my parent's home was a nice man with his own family,” she tells CircleAround. “After he lost his daughter, he was very much saddened and I remember my mother telling me countless times that I reached up to him one day with a bunch of wildflowers and said that it was going to be okay."

"He laughed that day and embraced me. I must have been 5 years old at that time. He was my second father to me. He was always there at my recitals, he was even there when I went to prom. Whatever problem I couldn't share with my father, he was there for it. I am like his daughter and he is the father figure I wish every girl had."

Whether you are celebrating your dad or a father figure this holiday, take inspiration from this list to show how much you appreciate the dad in your life. 

1Make a Donation in His Name

"My father figure is an ex-serviceman and loves donating to charities that help other ex-military personnel going through one form of trauma or another to get needed help,” says Maria A. McDowell, founder at EasySearchPeople. “On Father’s Day, I will be donating to different charities that help ex-servicemen and women.”

2Organize a Multi-Generational Meal

“Make a reservation at his favorite dine-in,” says Sara Land, a communications manager in Idaho. “Invite all your friends and family members and ask them to come along with their fathers to collectively honor the father figures.”

Land also suggests having these father figures seated at the head of the table, to “honor their invaluable family contributions and make sure they are front and center.”

3Plan Some Storytime

Making time to listen to their stories, life experiences, and unforgettable moments is a wonderful way to celebrate the father figure in your life.  

“We ask my uncle to share stories of growing up with his brother, my dad, who passed away when I was young,” says Lindsey Stewart, a nurse in North Carolina. “It helps us all feel connected, while also letting my uncle, who has no children, feel special and loved.”

4Practice Gratitude

It’s both a gift for your father figure, and for yourself: a little gratitude and reflection goes a long way. “My husband shows up when I am burnt out,” says Sara Macke, LCSW. “My husband suppresses his tiredness, in order for my son to feel like he’s 100% present."

"My father and my husband both were motivated every day by wanting to do what is best for their family,” she continues. My husband has constantly looked for better opportunities to make his family proud. However, I remind him that simply being present is enough and that is clear when I see my son's face when they play together every night after dinner."

5Provide Your Time and Attention

“We are often so preoccupied with material things that we ignore the beauty of words and appreciation,” says Meera Watts, the founder, and CEO of Siddhi Yoga. “Also, some people may hesitate to express their love to their father figures, not because they don't care for them, but because they feel shy.”

You can simply honor your non-traditional dad with your care, love, and simplicity, Watts continues. “He will be eternally thankful for this thoughtful gesture.”

The Bottom Line

Honoring the fathers and father figures in your life is what Father’s Day is all about. Whether it involves a gift that makes you think of them, or just expressing your gratitude, let them know you care about their contributions on this day. For even more ideas, check out these five Father’s Day traditions you can start this year. 

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