10 Etsy Items That Remind You of Home

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Cure your homesickness with some of these personalized products from Etsy designers across the U.S. Whether you’re moving for the first time, or the tenth time, there’s always a piece of your heart left behind. It’s easy to feel nostalgic when we’re unpacking our things in a college dorm, getting ready to move in with our significant other, or just hopping across the state border to start a new job. Luckily there’s a whole world of cute items that we can take with us to remind us of home. 


Capture the scent of home with a candle that will ignite your senses. You can customize the scent based on your personal preferences and favorite memories, like sweet tea for those from the South, or salty sea air if you were lucky enough to grow up on the ocean.

2Floral Wall Art

Brighten up your new home with a colorful print of your old home state. We love these by artist Amanda Klein, who uses watercolor and India ink to create her original designs. Each print includes your state flower and a selection of native wildflowers, making these super personalized through beauty, nature, and color.

3City Map Necklace

Home is where the heart is, and now you can wear your home close to your heart. These necklaces feature a map of your hometown beautifully engraved on a silver, rose gold, or gold-plated pendant. It makes it easy to wear your hometown love with pride, especially since the original nature of the design won’t be found anywhere else.

4Camper Mug

Feeling homesick? Just take a sip from one of these adorable retro-style camper mugs embellished with a silhouette of your home state, and we guarantee you’ll warm up to your new digs in no time. Designer Dallas Knick makes each mug individually, ensuring each product is crafted with love and attention just for you.

5Wood Sign with Your Town’s Coordinates

Cartography fans will go crazy for this sweet wooden sign, which shares the coordinates of your hometown with pride. Each one can be customized with your favorite colors and can be hung on a wall or simply propped up to complete your interior look. This wood sign makes for a great farewell gift for friends who are moving away, too.

6Map Charms

Celebrate the holidays and beyond with your hometown in mind, perfectly crafted into a festive charm. Designer Adjowah Brodie uses vintage maps to create each piece, making every charm totally unique and special. Keep the festivities going by hanging it in a window or elsewhere in your home when the holidays are over, as a reminder of how far you’ve come.


These puzzles are as fun to put together as they are to take apart. The designer creates the shapes by burning them into wood, which is then laser cut into the final piece. You’ll find customized shapes and images representing your state so you never forget how special your home really is.

8Zip Code T-shirt

Your zip code is definitely part of your identity, why not share it by wearing it on a cute t-shirt? This shirt makes a fun addition to any wardrobe and is definitely a conversation starter. Give it as a gift to help your loved ones always remember where they came from, no matter how far away they are.


Toast to the place where you grew up and rest your drink on these adorable coasters. Each set contains four coasters designed with elements from your hometown and state, such as the state bird or animal, your town’s zip code, and more. You can also give this gift as a truly personal take for a friend’s housewarming party.

10Tea Towels

These tea towels feature not one but two states, for those who have found love in a new place. Machine embroidery creates a crisp design, and the hearts can be customized to match specific towns as well. We also think they’d make an extra sweet gift for a bridal shower or engagement party.

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