10 Kitchen Organization Items You Shouldn't Live Without

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If cooking is your first love, you probably spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Even if you’ve gotten your organizational skills down to a science, you’ll benefit from the help some amazing kitchen products will provide. Being able to quickly grab an ingredient or easily stack plates and silverware will definitely free up more time for cooking, and containers that keep food fresh will become your new best friend.

Whether you’re an all-star home cook, or simply looking to declutter your countertops, take a look at these kitchen organization products. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

12-in-1 Strainer and Bowl

This stackable combo makes it super easy to wash fresh veggies with the strainer, and pop them into the bowl to serve or save for when you need to use them later. They fit easily together to help save space when stored in the cabinet.

2Door-Mounted Cutting Board Set

Fancy cutting boards don’t last long, and the more industrial ones can be kitchen eyesores. This set will change all of that for you. Stick the storage mount on the inside of a cabinet and you’ll gain easy access to your cutting boards without having to leave them on top of your counter. 

3Expandable Silverware Organizer

It’s surprising how hard it is to find the perfect-sized silverware organizer. This expandable one fits in most kitchen drawers and provides room for extras like spatulas, whisks, or other kitchen tools. The angled compartments make sorting and picking silverware super easy. 

4Stackable Shelf Organizers

These shelves are the secret to getting the most out of any countertop. They double the space instantly by using empty height, and they look great, too. Keep stacked salad plates on top of your dinner plates, or separate coffee items from tea items. The possibilities are endless.

5Flour Keeper with Built in Leveler

If you find it nearly impossible to not get flour over everything whenever you’re baking, this container is for you. You’ll never keep flour in the flimsy bag it came in again. It’s wide enough for measuring cups to dig in deep, and the built-in leveler ensures every scoop is as even as it needs to be.

6Tupperware Lid Organizer

No more loose lids filling up cabinets and drawers. No more mismatched tops to random container bottoms. Once out of the dishwasher, simply stack your lids upright and your life will feel complete. Keep matching lids organized and save a ton of space in your cabinets and drawers that can be used for much better purposes.

7Can Tracker

Yes, these are similar to those cool can holders you see at the grocery store. It feels just as satisfying to remove a can, and watch a new one roll down to take its place. Never fumble around your pantry for soup or sauce. You might even find yourself adding more veggies and beans to your diet because you have a place to easily store them.

8Spice Rack with Labels

Keeping spices in their original containers is easy, but they look totally mismatched when sitting on your counter. Store them in these super cute jars however, and the vertical rack design makes them not only easy to access, but pleasing to the eye as well. The included labels look great and help identify your favorite spices, too.

9Airtight Food Storage Containers

If your cereal always goes stale when kept in the original box, grab a few of these. Airtight food storage containers are great for most anything – grains, pasta, baking ingredients, and more. Plus they stack so nicely, and the labels make it easy to quickly grab what you need.

10Adjustable Pan Rack

Storing pots and pans is often harder than it looks, especially when you have a mismatched set. This pan rack saves a lot of unnecessary stress because every pan has a place, and you can size it to fit your organizational needs. It’s also great for organizing lids, too.

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