3 Memorable Ways To Celebrate Halloween Without Trick-Or-Treating

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As the second pandemic Halloween nears, parents across the country are going to be making a decision about whether or not their kids will trick-or-treat this year. It’s a decision each family will make for themselves, and there are no right or wrong answers. If you are considering skipping trick-or-treating, there are still many ways to make Halloween a fun and memorable occasion this year. And if your kids do trick-or-treat, some of these ideas could be fun additions to your plans. 

Candy Scavenger Hunt

Rather than relying on candy collected while trick-or-treating, you can buy all of your kids’ favorites and hide them around your home for them to find on Halloween night. Write clues to guide your children to find the hidden candy, or simply hide it all over and hope you don’t find a stash of undiscovered mini Snickers under the couch during spring cleaning next year. Think of it as trick-or-treating at home! Weather permitting, this activity can include the outdoors. Hunting for candy in a dark backyard with flashlights is sure to be a memorable and just-a-little-bit-scary activity.

If you have trusted neighbors or friends with whom you have been spending time indoors during the pandemic, select a couple of families to join in on this activity and have your kids search for candy with their friends in several homes to make it even more fun.

Halloween Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a family movie night? It can take a little bit of work to find a movie that isn’t too spooky for all the members of your family, but it can definitely be done. Here is a list of family-friendly Halloween movies to give you some inspiration.

Before you start the movie, throw your costumes on, turn down the lights, put up decorations in your home to set the mood, and play some Halloween-themed music (there are endless options on music-streaming apps right now). And, of course, don’t forget to serve some creepy snacks and treats to surprise and disgust your little ghouls. The internet is full of easy and fun recipe ideas, like this Plant-Based Mummy Dogs recipe.

Costume Party With Neighbors

Make plans with a handful of trusted friends and neighbors to have a small costume party. Ideally, you may want to celebrate outdoors, but if that’s not possible and everyone is comfortable, you can make it an indoor “mask-erade” party, in which masks are required as part of the costume. Don’t forget to put on a spooky Halloween playlist to set the mood. You can combine this with a candy scavenger hunt, a costume fashion show, or a dance party. Give out creative and silly prizes (“Costume Most Likely to Make People Laugh So Hard That They Throw Up” or “Costume Most Likely to Haunt Grandma’s Dreams”), or hand out candy goodie bags to the kids in attendance.

Whatever you end up doing this Halloween, make sure to take lots of pictures! As this is yet another pandemic Halloween, it will surely be a day that stands out in the memories of our little ones and should be well-documented. If you don’t normally get dressed up yourself for the holiday, this may be the year to make an exception. Your kids will get such a big kick out of seeing you in costume too. Happy Halloween!

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