5 Benefits of a Guilt-Free Day Off

Photo Credit: Mentatdgt/Pexels

I took a weekend off from motherhood recently, after three and a half years, checking into a hotel away from home. It was the first time my 3-year old son went to bed without me. I waited too long for it.

Having some "me time" away from my children helped me reconnect with myself and heal after the long lockdown. Here's why I'm happy with my decision to go away for a day and a half.


My kids make a lot of noise, which is known to harm creativity. I spent two hours in a hotel room doing nothing and enjoying the quiet. Then I walked along the streets and listened to the sounds of the city. I'm a different woman now.


Sometimes you need a moment away to remember the person you used to be, before you became a mother or an entrepreneur or an employee. Outside my safe places, it became easy to figure out what I needed to thrive during these uncertain times.


I left with a thousand thoughts running through my mind and generating anxiety. After months of working and homeschooling indoors, I had forgotten how to let things go for a while. Once I jumped on the train, I had no control over the kids' meals, activities, and clothes, so I had no choice but to put it all behind me. I'm grateful that my husband stayed home so I could enjoy a stress-free escape.


With kids around, you can't help but make them the top priority. Stepping away for a day or two reminded me that there's enough room for myself up there, too. The trip gave me time to think about what I've achieved and where I want to arrive.


I'm happy and I feel better with myself and around the kids. I stopped feeling trapped in a life situation dictated by the pandemic and unfair social norms. I remembered that the best way to take care of the kids is by taking care of myself at the same time.

I don't feel guilty for taking a weekend off. I should have done it a long time ago. It felt good to step out of the circle for a moment to catch my breath and gain forces.

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