5 Environmentally-Friendly Changes I've Made in My Daily Routine

enviornmentally-friendly changes

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Growing up, I’ve been able to learn and witness so much about the importance of caring for our earth, and, more importantly, how simple and easy it is to do.   

The earth is able to provide us with everything we need, from essential resources to survive like food, water and shelter. We also live in a world where the smallest changes can make the biggest difference.   

One of the ways I’ve been committed to protecting the earth is by making simple adjustments to my daily routine. Not only do these changes give me a chance to do my part in giving the earth the respect it deserves, but it has also opened me up to a brand-new perspective on how efficient protecting the earth can be.   

Below are just a few environmentally friendly changes I’ve made to my daily routine, with hopes that it will inspire you to do more for the earth as well.   

Going paperless

One change that I’ve started making more and more in the last few years is going paperless. Thanks to technology, there are more options today to receive things such as mail, bills, and receipts digitally.   

Now, I receive my billing statements via email, and whenever I go to the store, I tend to opt to get my receipt either emailed or texted to me to cut back on paper.   

Secondhand shopping

Secondhand shopping is something I got into about two years ago. When I started shopping this way, I not only was able to experience how amazing it feels to discover a unique fashion find, but also how this simple change can reduce landfills with clothing and plastic waste.   

Shutting off lights

This is one of the earliest tips I learned about conserving energy and has become second nature to me after doing it for so many years. When I’m not using a room even for just few minutes, I always make sure to turn off the lights.   

Using reusable cups

As someone who is always on the go, a reusable cup is always by my side. It’s easy to use and convenient to refill throughout the day. I can use a good reusable cup over again and cut down on waste.   

Prioritize shopping Earth-friendly brands

There are plenty of environmentally friendly and sustainable brands to shop from to fulfill your lifestyle or fashion needs. I love Public Goods because it has a great online store for finding sustainable essentials you can use daily.   

While my list above contains just a few of many approaches you can take to make your daily routine a bit more environmentally friendly, they are great places to start if you are looking to make a switch, too!

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