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How Engaging Your Employees Can Help Boost Sales

engaging employees boosts sales

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This post is part of a series of branded posts sponsored by Verizon Business. The focus of the series is on women small business owners, and how they are navigating the complexities and challenges of contemporary business, from the pandemic to the economy.

A company’s employees can be its first line of defense when it comes to increasing sales and revenue. When a company invests in its own talent, it can preserve budgets in the long run and produce in-house work that feels more authentic to consumers. 

Carley Gallagher, head of social and customer care at natural cosmetics line Friendly Turtle, has used a variety of employee advocacy and branding tactics to build closer relationships with customers. Here are three strategies she’s used to engage employees and help boost sales for brands she’s worked for. 

1. Source Talent From Within

Companies should hire employees because they believe in their skills and abilities. When it comes to building new strategies or looking for ways to reduce internal costs, however, some companies think they'll get a better deal if they outsource new talent. But between onboarding, strategy building, budget preparation, and more, outsourcing can actually be more expensive. 

“Maximize what’s already available,” Gallagher tells CircleAround. “For example, instead of fully outsourcing your needs to ad companies, you can enlist in your current employee pool to get the word out about your products, or train those interested in basic ad sales strategies and see where things go.”

2. Showcase Company Culture

Consumers are more inclined to purchase from brands they believe in, and brands that have a company culture that's positive, engaging, and passionate about its products. To be more transparent about the company culture, Gallagher suggests companies utilize their social media platforms. 

“Companies can encourage employees to participate in internal competitions, such as photo contests that will show departmental camaraderie.” As a way to also connect employees, customers, and your brand, Gallagher adds that companies can “find creative ways to use [their] products and branding, like on TikTok. ”

3. Encourage Employee Advocacy

“Employee testimonials may foster a company’s image,” Gallagher says. The power or personal recommendations can go far since people will trust a human testimonial over a traditional advertisement. In fact, messages that are posted by a company’s employees are 24 times more likely to be shared than messages posted by the brand itself, according to an MSLGroup study. 

Ideally, employees remain at a job because they believe in the mission, goals, and outcomes of their company. This natural passion for what they do can be used to promote a product or service. According to Sprout Social, “leads from employee advocacy are seven times more likely to close than other forms of leads,” so this kind of tactic can potentially increase revenue without the need for massive, expensive campaigning.

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