5 Ways to Meet Corporate Social Responsibility Goals

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There are so many ways companies can help make the world a better place, which is why instilling Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives is so important. Cydney Koukol knows this firsthand. She’s the executive vice president of communities at Talent Plus, Inc., a company with a mission to “discover and develop talent, creating a world where people do what they are good at and enjoy.”

“Our goal is to help make compelling citizens to have in any community,” she tells CircleAround. “Through our social-responsibility program we are working toward accomplishing that. While being more visible in the community is important for the impact it makes, it also enhances our corporate and employment brands.”

Koukol shared five things Talent Plus, Inc. does to meet its CSR goals. Other companies can take note! 

1. Designate Time for Employees to Volunteer

It is important employees know they can participate in CSR campaigns on company time, not on their weekends or vacation days. “We have always encouraged our colleagues to take time to volunteer and we understand that much of that will take place during a workday,” Koukol explains. “Last year, we added a full day that each colleague can spend volunteering for their favorite non-profit.” 

2. Incentivize Employees to Stick to One CSR Goal

Employees with a strong tie to an organization within the Talent Plus nonprofit network often feel compelled to continue volunteering. To encourage this, the company offers a $1,000 donation to the organization where an employee serves on a board of directors. Koukol adds that $100 is also donated to any nonprofit for which an employee volunteers. 

3. Encourage Corporate Gifting 

 “Several years ago, we decided instead of spreading our CSR gifts out across every organization that approached us, we wanted to engage in a process to make a more significant impact,” Koukol explains. “Every spring, our colleagues vote on three organizations (pillars) they are interested in supporting throughout the year with our talent and time.” 

4. Make CSR Goals Feel Personal 

Koukol’s company has its own internal scholarship and grant opportunities to make its CSR initiatives more personal. 

In 2014, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary with an exciting endeavor. “We wanted to celebrate our company accomplishments and growth,” Koukol tells CircleAround. “We established the Significance Award and donated $25,000 to an organization making a significant difference in their community. Organizations from all over the world submitted and our research team developed a scoring rubric to help our colleagues vote on and determine the winner.”

5. Host Fundraising Events

Hosting an event is always a hit when it comes to raising funds for those in need. “Each year, Talent Plus donates substantial prizes for our holiday party," explains Koukol. "Trips, the latest gadgets and technology, experiences, etc. — and associates buy raffle tickets and put their tickets in the prize drawings of those they want to be eligible for.”

Because of the pandemic, Talent Plus has made its events virtual this year. They created a virtual grocery store and gave $20 in the name of each colleague. Instead of spending on a holiday party, employees are putting their money toward fundraising.

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