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When Eropa Stein noticed a lack of software designed for human resources in small businesses, she decided to fill that gap. Stein is the founder of Hyre, an employee-scheduling software that can be used to staff events, find temporary employees for short-term opportunities, find long-term care workers, manage schedules for shift employees, and help with overall HR needs.

Stein tells CircleAround that Hyre was originally developed to help shift managers with their employees' work schedules, payroll, and temp staffing needs. Originally, Hyre focused on the hospitality industry, but pivoted to the healthcare industry after COVID.

CircleAround caught up with Stein to learn more about Hyre and how Stein has grown with the company.

CA: What inspired you to develop software designed for human resources?

ES: Before starting Hyre, I consulted for a large event-staffing agency. I delved into their HR processes, sales, finances, etc. I quickly learned that there were many holes throughout their organization. I was itching to solve these problems, but I had already started my master’s degree and decided to put entrepreneurship on hold.

My BAH thesis concentrated on Industrial Organization, focusing on burnout and eustress in the workplace. During my master’s, my mind was consumed with trying to find solutions to the problems I had discovered while consulting. I decided to take a leap of faith and diverge from my purely academic path.

The complete 180-degree shift from academia to entrepreneurship was exhilarating. I knew it was my path but at the time, it was nerve-racking and, thus, I will always remember it as a huge risk in my career. It was a risk worth taking. That's what makes it truly exciting.

CA: How has your role and/or interests evolved since you started?

ES: As the CEO of a tech startup, I wear many hats. I create our operations plan, financial plan, assist with the marketing plan, and product road map.

Our company evolves all the time. This ever-changing state comes with its own set of challenges. I think that the biggest are the ones where we have to change mindsets regarding our company and who we are. Our values remain the same but each person's function is evolving and if there are those who cannot evolve with the company, a difficult decision needs to be made.

CA: What are the biggest rewards when it comes to your work?

ES: The most rewarding aspect is watching each team member grow. We have hired many junior people at Hyre, and watching them become experts in their domain is exhilarating. I love when I can fully pass the reins to them. I feel like I have done my job.

CA: What current projects are you focusing on?

ES: I am focusing on building a great team at Hyre that can propel our company forward. I like to empower my team to make decisions and move forward as efficiently as possible without me. They are experts in their domains and, thus, I should not be the bottleneck. Perfecting this process at Hyre is where my energy goes.

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