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International Women's Day Events Guide

Photo Credit: Omar Lopez/Unsplash

Women have been fighting for recognition for centuries, but International Women's Day has a history that dates back to at least 1857, when on March 8 of that year, women in New York City protested working conditions and their compensation.

Half a century later (in 1908), also on March 8, women again marched in the Big Apple, this time 15,000 strong.

The movement had a ripple effect across the globe, and by 1911, there had been declared an International Women's Day pegged for March. 

Now a truly global celebration, the day is observed across the world, and the official International Women's Day website has listed events taking place in at least 55 countries, from Antigua and Barbuda (a virtual conference) to Yemen (a gathering of successful women entrepreneurs in the capital).

Of hundreds of events one can find on the official website all over the country here are five events taking place in the United States on #InternationalWomensDay — all of which you can participate in from your home living room:

Boston: Bring Us Your Women

This multi-media event is a concert, performance, film, and dance extravanganza that turns the ominous, hostile war-time threat of “Bring us your women” on its ear.

Chicago: CompTIA Communities Choose To Challenge LinkedIn Live

This panel event hosted on LinkedIn looks at women in the tech field and offers a temperature check on where women are now and how far they've come — both historically and through the pandemic.

Kansas City: Young Women Speak Up

Truly an event for all women and girls — including a specific shout out to Girl Scouts — this gathering is intended for all those who would like to "celebrate the collective power women harness when working together for a common cause."

Raleigh, North Carolina: The Suffragist Project

A limited audio podcast series produced by a theatrical group in Raleigh, The Suffragist Project spans 70+ years "from the first organizing meeting in 1848 in Seneca Falls, New York, to the dramatic last minute change of heart vote of one young representative in the Tennessee Legislature," highlighting stories from real heroes who fought for and enfranchisement for women.

Fargo, North Dakota: Celebrate Women

Kondial Kel means "togetherness" in South Sudanese. And Kondial Kel International is a community of South Sudanese in Fargo. Its founder Nyamal Dei has "devoted her life as an African American refugee to bring balance, knowledge, and abundance to her homeland and local society." The event today will celebrate all women, "in all their diversities."

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