Why This Woman Thinks Sprayable Vitamins Are the Future

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Vitamins help us get the nutrients we need, but swallowing pills isn’t always doable for everyone. Gummy and chewables are a great alternative, but SpectraSpray Global founder Janet Ryan believes there’s an even better way to consume vitamins — oral spray. 

You can only be successful if you serve a need.


Ryan became fascinated with the vitamin industry after meeting a naturopathic doctor researching emulsified vitamins. She continued that research and performed clinical studies of her own to create an oral spray vitamin company.  

According to a University of Sheffield clinical trial, ingesting sublingual vitamin D sprays compared with traditional capsule preparations has a higher absorption rate. That’s because, in a spray, the nutrients are already broken down, making them easier for the body to absorb. No water is necessary, meaning anyone can take the vitamins anywhere, making them fully accessible. 

Ryan and her team created dozens of combinations, including solutions for D3 intake, better sleep, stress reduction, an immunity booster, and even spray kits with multiple vitamins. The products were originally targeted at travelers who didn’t want to pack bulky bottles but still wanted to keep their daily vitamin routine or needed remedies for jet lag.

“We had chosen the travel industry pre-COVID to focus on, and are continuing to explore how to serve safe and healthy travel by providing solutions to travelers and buyers,” Ryan tells CircleAround. A home office vitamin spray kit was developed in response to the pandemic, as well as a hand sanitizer spray, designed to reduce bulk and make it easier to stay safe and healthy on the go.

Change the world, and you'll be rewarded every day.

One of Ryan’s proudest moments was getting to work alongside her daughter. “I manage the day-to-day operations as well as the short-term and long-term planning and strategy for every single aspect of the business,” she describes. “My daughter is a design graduate, and has completely created our brand.”

As a small business owner, Ryan has been successful in securing funding in different ways. The state of New Jersey and federal funding grants have helped her increase international trade in places like the Ukraine and the Philippines, and she is also supported by the Small Business Administration and Women's Center for Entrepreneurship's services for startups focused on businesses owned by women. 

“You can only be successful if you serve a need,” Ryan tells CircleAround. You also must work with others, and create a team with a vision. It's not about you, but your mission, which should be to help others in some way. We were created to be part of a society — stay connected, bring others in on your mission. Change the world, and you'll be rewarded every day.”

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