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3 Simple Tips Any Womenpreneur Can Use To Bolster Her Success

tips for women entrepreneurs

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Creating a successful business not only requires confidence, ambition, and a strong network of support, but it requires a defined plan. Business strategist Khrys Vaughan has made it her life's work to help others lift their businesses off the ground. She’s the founder of In Her Company, a brand focused on empowering womenpreneurs. “We work with mission-driven womenpreneurs to create lives they want to live, integrate business within the scope of that, and collectively empower women elsewhere,” she tells CircleAround, adding that she believes “there could not be a better time for such women. The world needs solutions now more than ever.” 

Vaughan, who sees empowering women as more of a lifestyle than a career, specializes in individual consultation. “What I have found is many womenpreneurs still feel they are living beneath their purpose/capability,” she tells CircleAround. “A lack of clarity convinces them the goals they want to achieve are unattainable when, in reality, it is a lack of structure preventing them from moving forward in a meaningful way. What they really want and need is a unique formula that works for them.”

When it comes to creating that formula for success, Vaughan has a few tips. 

1. Reframe Your Goals

Business failures can serve as tremendous opportunities to reset and reassess. In these moments, Vaughan advises clients to ask themselves, "What do I really want, and what do I want my quality of life to be on the other side of this?" This can help a person put their new goals into perspective. It can also help them see the results they'd like to achieve in the future versus dwelling on mistakes of the past.  

2. Push Your Limits

A simple yet powerful exercise Vaughan suggests is replacing “I can't” with “I choose.” “If saying ‘I choose’ makes you uncomfortable, it is a sign that you have the ability to affect the outcome of that action. It’s a hint at where you have been giving up your power.” It’s a tiny trick to reframe tasks you previously may have seen as challenges into opportunities that push you to grow in empowering ways.  

3. Take Your Time

There is often a sense of urgency when it comes to success. This can cause some entrepreneurs to feel like the only solution is to give up if things don’t immediately work out overnight. Especially when it comes to challenges, “without a solution in sight, the anxiety of ‘what’s next’ constantly haunts them,” Vaughan states. Instead, Vaughan works to create realistic timelines where clients can achieve their goals while still maintaining their lives. Success and results will come over time.

The Bottom Line 

Creating a successful business is not something that happens overnight, but with the right mindset and strategy, it's possible to feel more confident and empowered. Vaughan urges womenpreneurs to develop a course of action that feels right for their business. With hard work and determination, growth will happen gradually from there.

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