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Tell a Joke Day: Don't Let It Pass Without a Lot of Laughs!

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If you ask me, every day should be Tell a Joke Day. Ever since my children were able to read, I put a “joke of the day" in their lunch boxes. They each receive a little note to read at lunch, and they also have a joke of the day to share with their friends. 

Jokes aren’t just for kids, even though kids love a good joke. While I send a joke of the day to the kids daily, you can be sure that I will be sending my family and friends a joke on Tell a Joke Day. 

Let’s bring on the laughs and have some fun. Here are some fun ways to enjoy Tell a Joke Day:

Send an e-card: We receive many emails a day, not all we care to read (hello, spam). Why not send an e-card with a joke inside to make someone smile? There are so many great e-card sites where you can write in your own joke.

Put a joke in the mail: Remember when looking forward to receiving mail was a thing? Now, every envelope you open has a bill inside. Pop a joke in an envelope, buy some stamps and send a good old-fashioned letter to make someone laugh.

Post a joke on social media: Why make one person’s day when you can make the day for many? are jokes that resonate with so many people. Share one on social media and make everyone’s day.

Jokes for kids: There are many parenting sites that share jokes for kids. You can search by theme or for a joke of the day. Looking for some fun jokes to try? Simply print these out, cut them into individual cards and throw them into your kids' lunch box. 

Prank or joke? There are some great pranks out there that will make you howl. On Tell a Joke Day, why not send some or respond with some funny text messages to mix things up a bit? Some ideas include: respond to a text with lyrics from a song or respond to a text with a message that reads like a bot. Copy and paste your drafted message as a response over and over again until they figure you out or lose their cool. 

Whatever you do on Tell a Joke Day, make sure you have some fun.

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