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This Mom Has a Powerful Message for Moms Trying To Do It All

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A Wisconsin mom is shining a light on an all-too-common, overwhelming reality for moms: "Anyone who says you can do it all is ... lying."

At the end of August, mom of three Karen Johnson shared some thoughts about motherhood in an emotional and candid Facebook post alongside a photo of herself holding a head of broccoli. The post details all the things she did over the course of one day, which included working from home full time, registering her children for after-school activities, grocery shopping, paying bills, organizing a playdate for her son, cooking, and working out.

“How did I do it all? What's the magic secret? Lean in, friends. Lemme tell you,” she writes. “My kids were on screens all the damn day. I barely saw them. They fed themselves breakfast and lunch. … Also, the house is trashed.”

She explained that the only way she “managed such an ‘efficient’ day” was by not cleaning and by letting her kids entertain themselves.

“Listen, anyone who tells you that you can do it all — that you can parent the way you've been guilted into believing you need to parent, and maintain a career you very much deserve and likely need to support your family, and do all the 843 errands moms always need to do like rent fricking clarinets and buy Zyrtec for your allergy-ridden child who ran out last night, and cook healthy meals for your family, and exercise and eat salads and drink water — self-care! — and keep your house clean and actually know where your kids are and what they're doing — anyone who says you can do all of that is lying,” she emphasized.

With thousands of shares and hundreds of comments now racked up since she posted the story, Johnson told Good Morning America this week she wanted to send the message to fellow moms that they “cannot do it all” — and that’s okay

"I think we're fed this myth that it's attainable, and every mom who I know personally, who works full time, feels really guilty about a lot of things,” she explained. “Sometimes, we need to hear it from other moms who say, 'I did a million things and I was super productive, but I didn't care for my kids, so the next day I'll focus on that.’”

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