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3 Ways To Build Your Business Post-Pandemic

how to grow a business

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This post is part of a series of branded posts sponsored by Verizon. The focus of the series — part of a paid partnership between Verizon and CircleAround — is on women small business owners, and how they are navigating the complexities and challenges of contemporary business, from the pandemic to the economy.

Aysha Barber, co-founder of wellness coaching company Intent2heal, opened her business at the beginning of 2021. When the global pandemic hit the year before, it changed everything for Barber and the people she knew taking a similar path. While the pandemic presented many challenges, Barber was able to build successful businesses in spite of it. 

“Working as experienced psychiatric technicians, we noticed how few mental health appointments there were for those who really needed it, and decided to use our skills to teach about self care in accessible, non-complicated ways,” she explains to CircleAround

CircleAround caught up with Barber to learn more about how she was able to build her business in the midst of the pandemic, and what advice she can offer to others looking to build their own business now.

1. Be transparent with your customers 

“We find that the best way to interact with our consumers is through transparency,” Barber explains. “We blog, send emails, or go live with interviews while our kids are running around or trying to do online school because we want to be honest about where we are in our business.” 

“This allowed people to get to know who we were, as we are, as well as keeps us accountable and consistent,” she adds. “It allowed people to understand that we are people too, and not machines trying to grab money from them.”

2. Make time for professional development

Barber used the pandemic to read self-help books about areas that would elevate her business and found mentors who helped her accomplish many of her business goals in a few months. This would not have been possible if she didn’t take time to develop professionally.

“We made time to learn how to run our business better, and build a stronger financial foundation,” she adds. “If we were inspired by some of this educational content, we would share this with our followers.” This helped her also establish authority in her field, building more trust as well.

3. Start a podcast 

Barber suggests that if you can find a relatable topic within your industry, a podcast can create new opportunities. Partnering with Anchor, a podcast tool that allows users to edit and expand their broadcasts, Barber was able to create audio content that broadened her network. 

Using the effects of the pandemic as the main topic, she focused on finding other businesses who were experiencing hardships, and invited them to be guests on her podcast to discuss how they overcame them.

From this open discussion group, she was able to build a new audience. “It also created another form of income for our business,” she explains. 

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