Backyard Bootcamp: 5 Equipment-Free Exercises You Can Do Outside

woman stretching in the backyard after an outside workout

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When gyms and fitness centers closed due to quarantine, my first thought was, “How will I workout at home without my favorite fitness classes?” Like many, I turned to at-home workout videos in my living room. However, many of them require special equipment — dumbbells, resistance bands, yoga blocks, and so on. 

Since I have limited workout equipment at home, I prefer equipment-free exercises that can be done anywhere. If you can relate, try these five body-weight movements to get a full-body workout in your backyard or at a nearby park.

1. Walking Lunges: Lunges can be done anywhere, but performing walking lunges outside is much more realistic. They’re easy to do and effective at targeting the legs and glutes.

2. Squat with Side Kick: Adding a kick to the top of your squat is a great way to target the side-glute area. You’ll need ample room to do squats with a side kick, so take these to your backyard.

3. Bear CrawlsBear crawls are a lesser-known exercise that targets the upper body and abs. It looks easy, but it will have you sweating in no time. Find a grassy area with lots of space to do this one outside.

4. High KneesHigh knees make for a great warm-up exercise that also engages the core. If you want to add some cardio and abs into your routine, try this move.

5. Skater Jumps: To take your lunges to the next level, try skater jumps. They combine cardio with strength training, as they work the legs while you build up a sweat.

Ready to try for yourself? All you need to get started is an outdoor area with lots of space. A little motivation, cute athletic gear, and a big water bottle won’t hurt, either.

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