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The Best Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month

Photo Credit: Robinson Avila/Pexels

National Hispanic Heritage Month calls for vibrant celebrations of the achievements, culture, and history of Hispanics and Latino Americans, though that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate all year long. From tasty dishes to classic movies, Hispanic Heritage Month can’t be limited to just 30 days. But there is more to this month than just great food and bingeworthy TV marathons. It’s important to understand its history and reflect on the contributions of these communities. Check out these top five ways to celebrate, understand, and honor Hispanic Heritage Month.

Movie to Watch:


It’s hard not to put Selena as the movie to watch for this month, but Roma will not disappoint. The Oscar-winning film follows the life of a Mexican servant for a rich family, who is dealing with the challenges of her own personal life, including bringing up her own child. Although the film itself is groundbreaking, the film also received universal acclaim for its screenplay and cinematography. The film also became the first Mexican entry to win Best Foreign Language Film

Series to Watch

One Day at a Time

The One Day at a Time Netflix series is a representation of the societal and economic issues faced by Hispanics and Latino Americans in an authentic but comedic way. Elena, played by Isabella Gomez, also shines a light on the Latinx LGBTQ community and brings forward real conversations that are often hard to have in Hispanic and Latino households. The series follows a Cuban American single mother raising two teenagers with the help of her mother, chronicling the challenges of life but also always having the support of family when it’s needed most.  

Book to Read

Clap When You Land | Elizabeth Acevedo

Dominican American poet and New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Acevedo brings readers a fascinating novel of hopes, dreams, grief, forgiveness, and the value of relationships. The story is narrated through the perspective of two Dominican sisters who are brought together by the death of their father. 

Activity to Try

Take a Dance Class

The most entertaining way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month is to take a dance class! Dancing is a huge part of Hispanic and Latino culture, and if you really want to immerse yourself, try practicing a step or two. Some popular dance genres include bachata, merengue, salsa, and reggaeton. Find a free class in your area, or even search for online classes to try at home. You can even turn it into some social distance fun: Grab a few friends and find a dance you’d like to practice and see how it goes. 

Dish to Make


Empanadas are a classic Hispanic treat that is easy to make and incredibly delicious. Empanadas can be filled with meat, cheese, vegetables, corn, and more. All you need are three to four household ingredients. You can eat it as a side dish or even for lunch. Empanadas are very popular among Hispanic countries including Argentina, Cuba, Honduras, and more. Every country makes them a little bit different, but they are all delicious. For starters, try this beef empanada recipe.


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