Here's Why Demi Lovato Is Celebrating Her Stretch Marks with Glitter

Demi Lovato

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Demi Lovato is looking at her body in a sparkly, loving way.

The “I Love Me” singer recently showed appreciation for her body, its little imperfections, and her journey recovering from an eating disorder with a heartfelt Instagram post full of shiny photos.

"I used to genuinely believe recovery from an eating disorder wasn’t real," wrote Lovato. "That everyone was faking or secretly relapsing behind closed doors. 'Surely she throws up here and there', she can’t POSSIBLY accept her cellulite'... those were just a few of the things that I used to tell myself growing up. I’m so grateful that I can honestly say for the first time in my life — my dietitian looked at me and said 'This is what eating disorder recovery looks like.' "

This is what eating disorder recovery looks like.

The 28-year-old went on to say she covered her stretch marks in “actual glitter paint” in an effort to “celebrate” them “instead of being ashamed of them.”

“My stretch marks aren’t going away so might as well throw a lil glitter on em’ amiright? 😝✨ Also let this be a reminder to anyone who doesn’t think it’s possible: IT ACTUALLY IS 😱😱😩😩☺️☺️ YOU CAN DO IT. I BELIEVE IN YOU,” she wrote, adding that everyone should “be gentle on yourself if you slip up and remember to get right back on track because you’re WORTH THE MIRACLE OF RECOVERY.”

The former Disney star has long been vocal about her struggles, either with her body, addiction, or life in the limelight. On the former, she told Ashley Graham on her podcast, Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham, last year about some of the struggles she’s had with disordered eating. After sharing that she’d partaken in "extreme dieting" and over-exercising, Lovato said: "I thought the past few years was recovery from an eating disorder when it actually was just completely falling into it. Maybe my symptoms weren't as obvious as before, but it was definitely an eating issue."

Lovato continued, saying that she felt she "was just running myself into the ground” and that was “kind of what led to everything happening over the past year."

"It was just me thinking I found recovery when I didn't and then living this kind of lie and trying to tell the world I was happy with myself when I really wasn't,” she said, referencing a July 2018 hospital stint after she relapsed following six years of sobriety.

Lovato ultimately told Graham “Why live that life if it's a lie? I just decided not to live that lie anymore,” and we couldn’t love that sentiment more. Kudos to you and your journey, Demi.

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