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Digital P.E. and Its Positive Effects on Mental Health

This post is part of a series of video conversations between CircleAround and our partners, the Boston Children’s Hospital and Center on Media and Child Health. The series is called Mondays with the Mediatricianand the focus of the series is on media and child health — specifically, how parents are navigating this challenging time of virtual learning and young children having access to online media.

Hosted by CircleAround writer Helena Goto and featuring Dr. Michael Rich, a.k.a. “The Mediatrician.” Dr. Rich is the director of the Center on Media and Child Health and a resident physician at the Boston Children’s Hospital. This episode, the fourth, covers the importance of digital P.E. for young children in the age of virtual learning. Digital P.E. can be defined as “play breaks,” a.k.a. breaks away from the screen that encourage physical activity and exercise. We are living in an age of constant screen time, so it’s important to implement these tactics to ensure your child is learning efficiently and effectively.

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