How to Hit Fitness Goals with a Home Workout

Before the pandemic abruptly halted most of our day-to-day activities, gym visits frequently made an appearance on my daily schedule.

I always felt that my workouts were most effective at the gym, with myriad equipment options and strangers’ eyes holding me accountable. Hitting goals such as squatting more weight or running at faster speeds on the treadmill seemed more achievable in this environment as opposed to at home.

This internal drive to set and accomplish fitness goals is something I adopted growing up as an athlete, and has been instilled in me ever since. During daily practices, I would train to cut down my 100-meter hurdle time or repeat drills to boost my number of blocks in a volleyball match. It was a constant process of improvement; I even held a couple of high school records for my performance — long shattered by now, I’m sure. 

Now, even after gyms have reopened, I find myself wary of going back. And for a while, I found myself uninterested and doubtful I could keep up my progress without this anchor I’ve relied on for the past two years following college. 

But I now realize this shift has actually been a blessing in disguise. I’ve discovered a level of self-motivation I didn’t possess before and adopted new workouts superior to those I gravitated toward at the gym. I’ve even begun running up to two miles a day outside, something I used to despise but that now gives me a sense of pride to accomplish. 

These acquired tricks have made for a smoother transition to at-home/outdoor workouts, and helped me to improve my overall fitness mindset. 

1. Purchase a Few Pieces of Equipment

A few dumbbells, resistance bands, and a cheap yoga mat have gone a long way in boosting workouts and helping me avoid repeating the same mundane bodyweight exercises over and over. 

2. Use Online Videos or Pinterest Workouts

These help me push myself to follow along and result in a better workout than if I attempt to make it up as I go. I use for great workout ideas and love following along to sessions from Yoga with Adriene.

3. Schedule Exercise Time

Just like I used to plan for gym time after work or during a lunch break, it holds me accountable to designate a specific hour of the day for a workout.

4. Alternate Workouts

Incorporating a variety of exercises is key. Throwing in some cardio sessions, a leg day, and a HIIT workout during the week lets me work different muscles and keeps things interesting. Also, working out at home means I don’t have to be hesitant or embarrassed to try something new.  

5. Switch Up Locations

Running or walking outside, completing a dynamic workout at the park, or even throwing in an activity such as kayaking is a great change of pace. 

Deviating from any sort of routine — like our workout routines — always seems intimidating at first. But I’ve come to understand embracing the change and making the most of it can inspire a great deal of positive growth.

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