Save BIG and Have Fun with a DIY Coffee Bar!

It’s a tried-and-true adage: Avoid your daily $5 coffee shop latte to save on your monthly budget. Add it up, and that comes to $150/month, or $1800 a year. Keep that in mind as you peruse the ideas below!

While I was aware of this advice, I loved the treat of a creamy latte and a fresh pastry. But, after finally looking at my monthly budget, I knew it was time to kick my coffee shop habit. So, instead of splurging on my daily, not-so-guilty pleasure, I created a DIY coffee shop experience in my own kitchen. You can, too, Here are my five tips to help you create that perfect treat:

Invest in a Nice Coffee Maker

Are you a drip-coffee lover? Elevate your experience with a French press or pour-over coffee maker. Prefer a latte? Opt for an espresso machine. While the upfront cost of a nice espresso machine will outweigh your daily cappuccino, the savings add up in no time.

Snag a Frother

Handheld frothers are an easy point-of-entry to the DIY-barista world (check out these high-rated ones according to New York Magazine) and give you the creamy foam you love from your favorite coffee shop. Test out your favorite milk or milk alternative (such as macadamia nut milk or coconut milk) and start honing your creative skills with DIY latte art.

Spice It Up

Look to Pinterest and DIY your own vanilla syrup for a flavored latte, whip up homemade coconut whipped cream with a handheld blender and a can of coconut milk, or simply sprinkle cinnamon on top of your coffee for a new fun flavor.

Explore Your Favorite Food Blogs

Head over to your favorite recipe source and experiment in the kitchen with new muffins, breads, and scones to complement your morning coffee. Freeze any leftovers to keep on hand for another day.

Turn On Your Favorite Mellow Playlist

Sink into the full experience in your own kitchen with Spotify’s “Your Favorite Coffeehouse” playlist or your personal favorite chill album.

My budget is thankful I gave in to cutting down my coffee shop visits. And my taste buds are not missing anything.

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