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4 Ways To Rebuild Your Brand After the Pandemic

how to build your brand

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This post is part of a series of branded posts sponsored by Verizon. The focus of the series — part of a paid partnership between Verizon and CircleAround — is on women small business owners, and how they are navigating the complexities and challenges of contemporary business, from the pandemic to the economy.

During the pandemic, so many business owners had to reevaluate their brands and strategies to accommodate for a world staying at home. But a lot can happen in a year. Elliot Olson is one business owner who took 2020 as an opportunity to re-launch her female-led digital design and marketing studio, Studio Anansi. “Since re-launching my web design services, I'm on track to double my annual income,” Olson tells CircleAround. Now, she’s helping other women revamp their businesses to fit the digital age as many have also had to pivot during the pandemic. 

We asked Olson for some tips on how business owners can rebuild their brands as we begin to enter a post-COVID world. Here is what she had to say. 

1. Create New Objectives

The process of recovering your business and rebuilding a brand may not be the same process as when the business was first built. It’s not enough to just want or need to make money. According to Olson, every brand rebuild should include a new set of objectives based on learnings from the past.

“Without a measurable objective, you’re just guessing what works,” Olson says. “With a measurable objective, you can test and optimize your website for improved results.”

2. Redefine Your Target Audience

“If your marketing is meant to appeal to everybody, it will really appeal to nobody,” Olson tells CircleAround. “You may get a few customers, but at the expense of wasted time and resources.”

After creating new business objectives, Olsen suggests re-evaluating your audience or customers to see if they are still your target audience. “By defining your target audience, you can help create better content that clearly benefits your website visitors,” she adds. “Think about demographics (such as age, location, and gender) and psychographics (such as attitudes, values, and preferences).”

3. Engage With the Local Community

“Many people say that Facebook groups are going out of fashion, but much of my growth has come from joining conversations in groups for local female business leaders,” Olson says.

Facebook groups, or local networking, helps potential customers see the real personality behind the brand. It can be the perfect way to connect with new people when rebuilding your company, based on your new audience targeting.

4. Make Email Your Power Platform

Once you’ve captured the attention of potential consumers, get them on your email list. Email has been around longer than any other social platform, and businesses are finding new and creative ways to keep in communication this way. If you’re starting from square one, email may be exactly what you need to focus on for your rebuild.

“Email allows you to be in direct, immediate contact with potential customers,” Olson says. “It helps build trust, and you can nurture relationships with customers through personalized emails based on their interests.” Learn how to measure email metrics to fine-tune your email strategy, and make sure there are places on your website or in your advertising where people can sign up.

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