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The Funniest Things Women Did the Week of August 30

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Photo Credit: Savannah Dematteo/Pexels

It's that time, friends, when we bring you a roundup of the funniest things women have said and/or done this week for your laughing pleasure!

Our favorite tweets of the week:

And here’s some further hilarity for you to enjoy:

1. This Intrepid Woman’s Unexpected PowerPoint Presentation 

This woman decided to take the plunge and tell her parents that she’s en erotic dancer via a PowerPoint presentation. Her ingenuity in the presentation aside, both Mom and Dad showed so much support for the endeavor that it’ll make you wonder if you should’ve told your parents the hard stuff over the years via PowerPoint, too.

2. This ‘Parent Trap’ Actress Paid Homage to the Film

Elaine Hendrix brought back her horrific character Meredith Blake for a video posted earlier this week to pay homage to The Parent Trap. Hendrix’s Blake plays fiancé to Dennis Quaid’s Nick Parker and evil stepmother-to-be to Lindsay Lohan’s portrayal of twins Annie and Hallie. In the video, she also brings back Parent Trap alum Lisa Ann Walter, who played Chessy, the Parkers’ housekeeper. The video is one big nostalgia trip, and we are here for it.

3. This Woman, Whose Bug Freak-Out Alerted the Cops 

If you’ve ever screamed bloody murder at a bug before, then this one is for you. A woman in Scotland was so upset upon finding a spider in bed that she made enough noise to prompt several police officers to pay a visit to her home. Upon realizing that the woman was in fact fine but just had an unwanted “lodger” in her bed, the officers helped remove the offending creature and send it on its way. We’re not sure how big the spider was, but we probably woul have had the same reaction she did.

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