Mom Has a Secret: Coffee

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Being cooped up with a person can reveal new things about their personality, no matter how long you've known them. And family is no different. In the past few weeks, living together in the pandemic, I've learned so much about my mother's coffee rituals.

Since working from home, I've noticed my mom turning into a barista. She always loved her coffee when I was a kid. But COVID-19 had her pulling the percolator from the back of the closet to make her Spanish coffee. Then, when the old pot became hard to work, my mom went for the millennial way of brewing her coffee with a Chemex.

One morning, the aroma coming from the kitchen gave me a good morning smile. Mom was using her new pour-over coffee maker. It's hourglass-shaped and uses cone-shaped filters to brew and catch dripped coffee.

What she used surprised me — I never thought my mom would brew her cup of joe in a space-glass container. I remember her old pot. But with COVID-19 hitting the rounds, my mom wasn't going to give up the one thing that made her happy and sane.

The new coffee catcher wasn't the only surprise for me. My mom loves her fruits and veggies. She always made them for me as a kid and ate them herself, as well. However, I didn't know she could go days and weeks without meat. Grabbing a piece of fruit or having a smoothie was easy for her to do, especially when I made them. But her go-to meal now is Thai basil vegetable dumplings. And they're vegan.

These dumplings are delicious. They have a hint of lemongrass, and the right amount of veggie-to-dough ratio. Over the past few weeks, we've eaten a ton of them. I think it would be easy for my mom to be a vegan if she didn't like her occasional piece of chicken.

Some people may think little changes aren't essential. I beg to differ. It's these changes that make them feel valid — even small changes can lead to larger changes in their lives.

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