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Girl Scouts Are 20% More Likely to Become This

Girl Scouts entrepreneurs

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According to The Girl Scout Research Institute, Girl Scouts are 20% more likely than other girls to want to be entrepreneurs in the future. Their experiences help them to think like entrepreneurs as they participate in Girl Scout activities that spark curiosity, confidence, and innovation. 

My personal and professional passion for supporting WBEs, Women Business Enterprises, made me want to dive into this deeper.  Which parts of the Girl Scout Law morph into character-building traits that eventually plant the seeds of entrepreneurship?  

“I will do my best to be honest and fair…”

Seeing that the most recent Gallup Poll ranks pharmacists as one of the most honest professions, I decided to ask Dixie Leikach, owner of YOUR Community Pharmacy, a group of independently owned pharmacies in Maryland, about her Girl Scout experience and path to being a female business owner.

When did you first know you wanted to be an entrepreneur?
I was in high school when I first had the thought of owning my own pharmacy. It was one of the goals I listed in my senior quote in my high school yearbook. I worked in the pharmacy business for a while, where the idea of owning a pharmacy myself slipped away. But, the inspiration came back. My husband and I opened our first pharmacy together in 1999.

What led you to start YOUR Community Pharmacy?
After graduating from pharmacy school, I decided that I wanted to be the one to chart the course of my career and determine how I was going to practice pharmacy. When an independent pharmacy in town went up for sale, we bought it. There was a lot of history to the particular location and building, as it had served the community for 40 years. Since then, we’ve added two other pharmacies into our portfolio.

Describe how "honesty" is an important trait/value in your business.
As a small-business owner, my personal and business life is intertwined as one. Honesty is one of the core ethical principles for pharmacists. Patients need to know they can count on their health care professionals to be honest with them. As an independent pharmacy owner, there is additional responsibility to be extra vigilant to operate our business and profession with honesty. This was one of the reasons I started PEER, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting ethics in pharmacy.

How did being a Girl Scout shape you as a female business owner?
Selling cookies definitely had an impact. That’s where I developed the skills that propelled me to be one of the Top 20 sales directors in Mary Kay. But looking back, in addition to my mom's personality and influence, my experiences with the Girl Scouts established the foundation of who I am today. My Girl Scout career badge actually was the catalyst for my decision to become a pharmacist. I learned how to set and reach a goal when I earned my Silver Star, during my junior year of high school. Girl Scouts is a big part of my story and I always mention it when I am asked why I decided to be a pharmacist.

Whether it’s prescription medications or over-the-counter products, YOUR Community Pharmacy is dedicated to providing customers with services that are customized to meet their needs. For more information, visit yourcommunitypharmacycom.

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