3 Ways 5G Can Boost Your Business

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This post is part of a series of branded posts sponsored by Verizon. The focus of the series — part of a paid partnership between Verizon and CircleAround — is on women small business owners, and how they are navigating the complexities and challenges of contemporary business, from the pandemic to the economy.

Most of us don’t consider the differences between 3G, 4G, or 5G speeds, but these subtle variations in connectivity impact the world around us in many ways. When it comes to building a business, marketing specialist Tara Darge insists it's essential to understand how 5G works. She is the head of marketing and partnerships at Time To Reply and feels that brands in all industries could benefit from 5G technology. 

“5G is going to cause some major improvements for all businesses, both small and large,” Darge tells CircleAround. Here are three ways Darge says 5G could help boost businesses. 

1. Faster speed

Faster internet and technological speeds are the main benefits of upgrading to 5G. “5G will increase connection speeds and reliability of networks,” Darge explains. “This will allow businesses to become more reliable at their touchpoints with consumers and help them to improve brand reputation.”

According to Em360tech, these speeds are about 10 times faster than 4G. It’s essentially the difference between taking 10 minutes to download an HD video using 4G, versus downloading the same file in less than a minute using 5G.

2. Improved customer service 

5G isn’t just good for media files, it can also provide a better user experience, especially in the retail industry. Tech Republic points to a CB Insights report that found “more than 100 million Americans made a purchase on their smartphone in 2018, and the move to mobile shopping is largely due to the rise of 4G/LTE.” With 5G speeds, businesses can get creative and start developing new retail experiences like virtual reality (VR) dressing rooms. 

Darge also notes that simple customer service tactics will improve as well. “Since there will be fewer connection issues, and your connections will be much faster, you can work towards a seamless customer service experience with faster reply times and smoother interactions.” 

3. Create business opportunities

Efficient business solutions allow leaders to build their business quickly, with more time to discover new business opportunities and connections. “5G speeds will help you to focus on new areas more for competitive reasons,” Darge tells CircleAround, including improving customers’ experiences of your business, building a reputation of fast, reliable, and helpful interactions, and having a leg up on new trends.

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