How Did These Women Become Tech Leaders? Tune in to Hear Them Tell You All About it!

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This post is part of a series of branded posts sponsored by Verizon. The focus of the series — part of a paid partnership between Verizon and CircleAround — is on women small business owners, and how they are navigating the complexities and challenges of contemporary business, from the pandemic to the economy.

Enjoy this live and insightful conversation amongst these groundbreaking women, featuring powerful female executives discussing women’s role in technology and the successes and challenges they’ve each faced along the way.

Hosted by Tami Erwin, CEO of Verizon Business, and featuring Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture, and Suzy Ryoo, Co-Founder & President, Q&A, this engaging panel brought together powerful voices across technology, business and culture to highlight the importance of increasing women’s roles in leadership positions. 

These leaders — women who are further enhancing women’s STEM coverage — provided insight into their respective journeys and career paths, obstacles they have faced along the way, and advice for women who are reinventing their careers or businesses as a result of the pandemic, particularly entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

Want to view our next panel, featuring Women in the Public Sector, live? It will air on December 8th at 3:15 EST/2:15 CST/1:15 MST/12:15 PST. Register below for your free access!

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