How I Keep My Kids Entertained During the Pandemic

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Since March when the pandemic began, it has been quite challenging to keep kids entertained for long periods of time, in what seems like an endless number of days. Every weekday, we let the kids finish school virtually and then play on their electronics, but I realized quite quickly that the electronics and computer playing were getting out of hand.

So I implemented a few ideas to keep them busy in other ways.

Family Dinner and a Movie

Every Friday, we do a family dinner and game night. The dinner does not have to be elaborate but something we all like — most nights we order in Chinese food and pizza.

Every few months, I let each child order four family-friendly movies from Amazon. Our kids range in age from 6 to 12, so we need something that would appeal to everyone. After they pick, we receive 12 movies in the mail. Each Friday, we watch one of these movies. This is a time when we have a true family night and tell all the kids to put away everything electronic-based. Even the adults have to put their phones away.

By doing this, it allows us to have true family time on a regular basis. Now the kids look forward to this time, as do my husband and I. It has really brought us together as a family.

Another idea we implemented is family game night. We do this about twice month and again, we play various games so each child has fun. We started out playing Monopoly the first time (each child had the chance to be the banker) and continued on to play games such as Scrabble and Life.

Our family can be quite competitive, but honestly, that is what makes it that much more fun. During this time, we have a no-electronics policy, as well.

My older two also love theater, so we try to watch musicals such as Les Miz (which was made into a movie a few years ago) and Hairspray. At the end, the kids usually end up singing a few songs and we have a great time.

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