How I’m Staying Connected to My Grandparents Overseas

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One of the hardest things I’ve had to come to terms with during this pandemic is not being in close proximity with my grandparents to check up on them.

My grandparents and I have always had quite the distance between us. My family and I live on the east coast of the U.S., while my grandparents live in London, England. Some of my favorite memories throughout my life involve taking trips with my family to visit them during the summer.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, our plans to travel and visit them this summer have come to a halt. We’ve had to come up with new ways to check in on them as much as possible with traveling being out of the question.

Phone calls and video calls have been something we’ve always done to stay connected with them, but the start of the pandemic brought some new fears to light.

Will they be able to stock up on essentials before they sell out in stores? Are they able to get a hold of face masks and gloves? With these thoughts in mind, we decided to step in.

The power of virtual connection and technology has become our best friend in doing this over the past few months. We’ve taken matters into our own hands and sent over essentials like toilet paper, masks, gloves, and more to ensure that they are fully stocked up at home.

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned through this all is that long distance cannot break the bond of a close family. 

While I cannot be with my grandparents in person, I know that the next time I visit them, I will enjoy every moment like it’s the last. 

Life can change in an instant, but I am so grateful to have the ability to connect with them in the ways that we have.

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