My Morning Workout Has Been a Lockdown Schedule Saver

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I don't know about you, but I spent all spring cooking and eating. So, I joined a fitness program to get back into shape. The bad news is that I haven't reached my ideal weight yet. But, surprise! The workout helped me organize my working days better.


Do you remember those productivity hacks that say you should begin with the critical task? I discovered this trick wasn't for me, mostly during the lockdown. Often, I got tired by midday and ended up fighting with my kids over who should watch which show right after lunch.

I only wish I'd discovered this before the lockdown. It would have saved me from plenty of late-night working hours.

I decided to warm up before getting into complex writing assignments, just like I did for my fitness routine. So, I started changing my working habits, and it turned out I'm more productive during the day when I start with small tasks in the morning.


Another thing I noticed in my workout routine is that the instructor alternated exercises. It made me think I could do the same, and this strategy helped me get rid of the Saturday cleaning.

I alternate work with chores during the day. Every day is perfect for laundry, changing sheets, or cleaning the oven. Plus, manual work between writing assignments helps put my thoughts in order, and I feel creative again.

The downside is that I still have to squeeze in an hour of work before dinner. Plus, I do most of the housework with the kids, and my husband can't participate as much as he did before.

Revamp the To-Do List

The best thing about my fitness routine is that you learn the pattern after a few days. So, no matter what exercise I do, I always have a clear idea about what comes next. It helps me focus more on the execution and not worry about how long a series of exercises could be.

So, I changed my to-do list to create patterns. I start with a small task, continue with something meaningful in two sessions, then get rid of the pressure with emails. Every 90 minutes, I break the working day with housework, and so on.

It's a personalized Pomodoro technique that gives me plenty of time to play with my kids and still finish my writing assignments. I only wish I'd discovered this before the lockdown. It would have saved me from plenty of late-night working hours.

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