How Nostalgic Jump Rope Became My Favorite Workout

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There’s no doubt that these past few months have forced us to get creative in terms of how to navigate this “new normal.” Our daily routines, as well as how we go about doing our day-to-day activities, have shifted because of the pandemic.

One of the main things I’ve had to reevaluate in my routine was how to workout without having access to the gym.

Thanks to a wave of nostalgia, I was able to reclaim an activity that has quickly become my favorite go-to workout outdoors: jumping rope.

During the early stages of quarantine, I was on a walk in my neighborhood when I noticed the neighborhood kids partaking in activities that brought back so many memories of my childhood.

Their driveways were covered in colorful chalk drawings, they were riding around on their bikes together, and they were playing games with a jump rope.

Witnessing them having such a good time together brought me back to the simpler, summer days of my youth, when I enjoyed the same activities without a care in the world.

I couldn't help but think: “Why was jumping rope so enjoyable for me?”

Here’s what I came up with: it’s so much fun, allows you to break a good sweat, and never truly feels like a workout. Bingo!

The next day, I got out my jump rope, which was hidden in my basement, brought it outdoors to my driveway, and started skipping.

Since then, it’s been such a pleasurable outdoor workout for me. I’ve started challenging myself to jump more and more each day without missing, I’ve started to learn some new tricks, and I’ve been feeling myself improve each day.

Maybe, letting the “child” that lives inside of us out more often can help us appreciate the simple things.

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