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Keto dieting has become more popular in recent years, but there’s more to the nutritional ideology than just limiting carbs and boosting protein. Entrepreneurs like Leta Deley have made Keto a lifestyle, providing products, support groups, and educational programs for those who are interested. She started her first company educating people on the benefits of bioidentical hormones, and today, she is the CEO and founder of Intentionally BareThe company’s main focus is helping women who want to reach a healthy weight naturally.

"To me, there is no better life than to do what you love authentically, making an honest living, while helping others,” Deley tells CircleAround. “Many of these women are isolated due to the pandemic, as well as not having support at home, so our group is a real help and bright spot in their lives."

The biggest reward for me is when I hear someone say, ‘I finally love myself’.

Deley has worked in public health for many years, and she’s seen firsthand how masking a problem won't help people in the long term. She tells CircleAround that her own challenges losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle have helped keep her grounded and able to connect with support groups. The Intentionally Bare Keto group on Facebook currently has over 18,000 members.

Intentionally Bare offers a series of natural Keto products to supplement the Keto lifestyle, including bone-broth powders, medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oils, and beta-hydroxybutyrate supplements. They are made of naturally occurring ingredients that Deley says help fuel energy, support weight loss, and help consumers maintain a healthy lifestyle overall.

“I hear from women that they want to do all they can to age gracefully, without putting chemicals on their skin/in their bodies,” says Deley. “We have been working on a line of all-natural, pro-aging products that truly improve the look, feel, and texture of the skin…without putting any nasties on/in the body.” She hopes to launch this line in July 2021.

Deley says her biggest challenge is “trying to help women see how amazing they are and to help them realize that striving for perfection will not help them reach their goals." She adds that "it takes time to see their inner beauty and to help them take the baby steps needed to change… mentally and physically.”

“The biggest reward for me is when I hear someone say, ‘I finally love myself’ or ‘I did go off my plan yesterday but it was one day — one and done and I am back to my healthy lifestyle.' It’s amazing to hear their dialogue change from when they first joined our Intentionally Bare Keto support group.”

Deley says the support group keeps her motivated and ready for more. “I wanted to do something that would allow me to be an entrepreneur, that revolved around natural health, and one that I could make a living doing,” says Deley.

The biggest reward for me is when I hear someone say, ‘I finally love myself’.

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