The Biggest Revelations from Oprah's Interview with Meghan Markle, Prince Harry

Oprah interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry took part in an explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, broadcast on Sunday night, giving viewers many insights into allegations of racism within the Royal family.

In the two-hour interview, the couple shared what went on behind the scenes when they were still working royals in the UK. We've gathered together the biggest bombshells of the night below:

1. There were 'concerns and conversations' about how 'dark' Markle and Harry's unborn child would be.

In conversations relayed to Harry from members of the royal family, these "concerns" were expressed while Markle was pregnant with the couple's first child, Archie. Markle told Winfrey she couldn't disclose who was facilitating these conversations because "that would be very damaging to them."

Winfrey revealed to Gayle King on Monday that she'd been told by the couple off-camera that those conversations did not involve Harry's grandmother (the Queen) or his grandfather.

2. The royal family gave no explanation as to why Archie wasn't given a title or protection, despite every other great-grandchild of the Queen getting that treatment.

“The idea of our son not being safe, and also the idea that the first member of color in this family not being titled in the same way that other grandchildren would be," said Markle on her feelings on the situation. "The other piece of that conversation; there’s the George V or George VI convention that when you’re the grandchild of a monarch, so when Harry’s dad becomes king, automatically Archie and our next baby would become prince or princess or whatever they’re going to be."

3. Markle had suicidal thoughts while working as a royal and 'just didn’t see a solution.'

“Look, I was really ashamed to have to say it at the time and ashamed to have to admit it to Harry especially, because I know how much loss he’s suffered, but I knew that if I didn’t say, that I would do it ... and I just didn’t ― I just didn’t want to be alive anymore. And that was a very clear and real and frightening constant thought," shared Markle. “I remember how [Harry] just cradled me. I went to the [royal family] institution. And I said that I needed to go somewhere to get help. And I said that I’d never felt this way before. I need to go somewhere. And I was told that I couldn’t, because it wouldn’t be good for the institution.”

Throughout the interview, she and Harry expressed repeatedly that they had asked the institution for help and were consistently denied.

4. Prince Harry shares how 'trapped' he felt within the royal family but found a 'way out' after marrying Markle.

“I was trapped within the system, like the rest of my family are. My father and my brother, they are trapped. They don’t get to leave, and I have huge compassion for that," said Harry, who went on to say that upon marrying Markle he realized he was "trapped but I didn’t know I was trapped.”

5. Prince Charles had stopped taking his son's calls while he and Markle made plans to step back from life as royals.

"You just said your dad stopped taking your calls," Winfrey asked him at one point. "Why?"

"Because I took matters into my own hands," Harry said. "It was like I need to do this for my family. This is not a surprise to anybody; it's really sad that it's got to this point, but I've got to do something for my own mental health, for my wife's, because I could see where this is headed."

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