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Grandma's Lonely Battle with COVID

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In my family, Sundays are for the grandparents. Whether it’s a phone call or a visit to the nursing home to check on my grandma, Sundays are the days that she looks forward to the most.

When news arrived that the novel Coronavirus had infected people in the U.S. earlier this year, my family did not expect that nursing homes would be the nation's epicenter of the virus. Before we knew how bad things would get, it was too late, and we were unable to visit, or physically see my grandma for the next two grueling months.

Not only were we not allowed to visit my grandma at her nursing home, but a month after COVID-19 swept across the U.S., especially New York City, we received notice that my grandma had contracted the virus. Thankfully, remaining isolated in her room, she was able to recover and did not have serious complications. Ironically, the enduring frustrations, intense fear, and hopelessness brought my family closer together, and we found new ways to stay in contact with my grandma throughout her lonely battle with COVID-19.

Her nurses arranged 30-minute FaceTime calls with us once a week, and although it was tough, my family and I still managed to put on a smile for my grandma to show her everything was going to be okay. We sent her letters, had her favorite Spanish meals delivered, and prepared gifts to give her for the next time we get to visit.

This has been one of the scariest times my family has had to face, and not being able to be close to loved ones was the hardest part. Although we still haven't been able to see my grandma, knowing that she is still with us is all we prayed for.

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