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How to Celebrate Your Chosen Family on National Girlfriends Day

Girlfriends are your chosen family. They are like sisters who all have a different purpose in your life. There is something special about these relationships and they deserve to be celebrated. My friends are my family. They’ve held me up at times when I couldn’t walk and didn’t think I would make it through. They have been present to celebrate every milestone, every birthday and so much more. They are the people I call on most when I need a favor and the ladies my kids refer to as “Aunty.” They are my everything and I am eternally grateful for them. 

August 1 is National Girlfriends day, the perfect excuse to have a girls night or weekend. Looking for some fun ways to celebrate or show them how much you care? We have you covered. 

Take a Trip

It feels like it has been forever since I’ve had a chance to get away with the girls. As COVID restrictions have loosened, I have seen more and more groups of women heading away on mini getaways with their girlfriends. With National Girlfriends Day falling on August 1, it’s a great time to travel. You don’t have to worry about school pickups and drop-offs or homework, so start planning your great escape. There are so many fun ideas for a trip, even if you can only get away for a day or two. Imagine how relaxed you would feel after a few days at the spa. Or how about a trip to a vineyard? Or a weekend spent glamping? There are many quick trips you can plan.

Plan a Staycation

If you can’t get away for more than one night, book a staycation in your city. Enjoy a nice dinner out, drinks with the girls and then stay in a hotel to ensure a peaceful night's sleep. Stay up late chatting with your girlfriends about everything they have missed in the last year while you have been quarantining and social distancing, and then take the next morning slow with a brunch room service delivery. 

Day Adventures for the Win

An adventure doesn’t have to be more than a day (or a few hours). Sometimes a day away from work and domestic duties is the perfect treat. Put out an OOO email and spend a day with the girls shopping. Plan lunch on your favorite patio, or just go for a long walk with some of your besties. Perhaps a day lounging at a nearby beach is more your style. Use National Girlfriends Day as your motivation to finally take that dream day away and make it happen.

A Night Out to Relax

Many people aren’t ready to go away or even dine inside a restaurant. Once you are comfortable enough to be around your favorite ladies, consider a night in the backyard with wine and snacks. A night with the girls is about the company more than the location. So put on your comfiest clothes, kick your feet up and enjoy some well deserved time with your gal pals.

Wine Over a Video Call

Video calls have become commonplace and many get-togethers are occurring virtually. Whether you live in the same city or far away from one another, sometimes it can be easiest to plan a night on Zoom. Make it special with personalized wine glasses to show them how much you appreciate them. Order a set of personalized wine glasses and send them or drop them off at your friends’ homes so you can “cheers” in style.   

Show Them How “Sweet” They Are

Candy is always a fun way to say “Thanks for being so sweet.” I love sending candy trays from Sugar Chic Candy with personalized labels. Create your own labels with your girlfriends’ names on them, or add one of their premade labels like “Thank you” or “Wine not.” 

A Note Goes a Long Way

We know how much we need our girlfriends, but do we tell them how important they are to us enough? Take some time to write a note to your girlfriends to let them know just how much they mean to you. We are always so busy and get carried away with life that we may forget to show appreciation. Say it in a letter that she can read over and over again.

Don’t let National Girlfriends Day pass without a little recognition and celebration. 

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