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Creating a vision board can be a useful tool to start shaping your goals and future. But how do you actually go about actioning those goals? Octavia Goredema, the founder of Twenty Ten Agency, specializes in career coaching for underrepresented professionals across the United States. She uses many exercises to help her clients manifest their perfect future, including visual examples to help people expand their ideas in new ways.

“My work is driven by a passion for helping people connect with their potential, leveraging their unique strengths to make their careers soar,” Goredema tells CircleAround. “We provide one-to-one career-coaching services to corporations and professionals across the United States.”

The first time I created a vision board, I was too terrified to look at it again.

We all want to move toward what we really, truly want, but that can be hard when we feel stuck in our current realities. Work, family, mental health issues, and other aspects of life can feel like huge walls. Goredema came up with a simple exercise in response.

“When my coaching clients are stuck," she notes, "I do an exercise where I help them create a Circle of Influence and a Circle of Concern. The Circles of Concern contain all the things we worry about. In contrast, Circles of Influence contain everything we have the power to affect or transform.”

From this exercise, Goredema’s clients have the foundation to create what she calls their Power Circle. “This is where you should pour all your energy,” she adds.

First, write down all the things holding you back from your goals in an outer circle. “You can write down anything and everything,” Goredema explains, "from negative things other people say, thoughts in your own mind, to challenges you are facing."

Next, think about your strengths, and parts of your life that are actionable and you feel confident about. “Think about your biggest fear or your biggest barrier,” says Goredema. “Write it down. Then, think about what you can do to break this fear down, bit by bit. Get specific.” These go in the inner circle.

Putting everything down on paper can help you visualize and connect your fears with ways to combat them.

"The first time I created a vision board," she confides, "I was too terrified to look at it again. It all just seemed so monumental. I had compiled what I wanted, but I didn’t have a clue about what to do next.”

If you want to live your vision board life, focusing on the things that are holding you back will make those things remain real and present.

“This last part will feel immense at first. Don’t put pressure on yourself to have all the answers immediately. But, starting the process of thinking through avenues to explore, people to talk to you, podcasts to listen to, books to read, and actions to commit to, will get the ball rolling.”

Goredema’s method helps individuals create a strategy to keep themselves accountable and on track. She also suggests sharing your circles with others and collaborating to keep each other in check and inspired. Journaling, working with a career coach, or reinventing your routine are other ways to keep the momentum going and watch yourself progress.

If you want to live your vision board life, focusing on the things that are holding you back will make those things remain real and present.

“Remember though, none of us are immune to experiencing fear and doubt when it comes to our career, It’s okay for that to feel terrifying,” she tells CircleAround. ”But don’t let the fear make you freeze. Recognize it, brainstorm around it, and keep on pushing through it to get where you’re meant to be. If you want to live your vision board life, focusing on the things that are holding you back will make those things remain real and present."

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