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Protecting Mother Earth

protecting mother earth

Photo Credit: Noah Buscher/Unsplash

A 2018 UN report warned that, as relates to climate change, we had until 2030 to make drastic changes to avoid irreversible negative consequences.

As part of a month-long April CircleAround series, tied to Earth Day, we asked writers — and readers — to share news and advice on what we all can do to help, or stories on inspirational women in the climate space.

* 9 Ways to Re-Use Your Takeout Containers: "For customer satisfaction and transport convenience, particularly in an age of third-party delivery service, many restaurants opt for plastic packaging over traditional paper boxes that get soggy and thin-walled aluminum foil dishes that collapse. And these? Well, these are worth saving for multiple uses with multiple purposes, especially since they nest easily for simple storage."

* 5 Environmentally Friendly Changes I've Made in My Daily Routine: "One of the ways I’ve been committed to protecting the earth is by making simple adjustments to my daily routine. Not only do these changes give me a chance to do my part in giving the earth the respect it deserves, but it has also opened me up to a brand-new perspective on how efficient protecting the earth can be."

* Improve Your Mental Health by Getting in Touch With Mother Earth: "Connecting with Mother Earth can be a powerful thing when it comes to our own mental health. We know from research that 120 minutes outdoors allows for decreased stress and improved overall well-being." 

If you'd like to contribute to the series, send us your thoughts to or post on our "2021 Inspiration Wall."

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