She Graduated College at 18 and Got a Job in Social Media

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Today, almost every business has some kind of social media strategy to help build brand awareness. But Rachel Stoll, founder of Persephone Digital, has been incorporating social media into her business strategies long before it was popular to do so.

“I graduated college at 18, which was very young, and I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do,” Stoll tells CircleAround. “I quickly landed a full-time job at a PR agency as a social media manager. Now I run a small agency focused on health and tech companies.”

"Who I get to work with — the actual people, not just the brands — leads to some of the best moments when it all comes together.”

Stoll is completely self-taught and says, “Committing to running a company and hiring people versus just freelancing was a major decision, and every day it is an intentional choice. Finally accepting I had a company (and wasn't just a freelancer) was another exciting moment. I had resisted that shift for months thinking I couldn't or shouldn't do it, but it's been a pleasure.”

Persephone Digital helps health and technology clients connect to healthcare providers, patients, or other businesses through a variety of digital-marketing tactics. “We do everything from global strategy to copywriting and executions for clients. My role in that now is a bit of everything, but I try to focus my time on making sure everything ties back to business goals and the ‘so what’ in marketing.”

One of the biggest challenges Stoll faces is having to stay up on trends, and figuring out how and if the trends apply to her clients. “Just because a certain thing (i.e., a Dolly Parton Challenge) works for one client doesn't mean it's relevant or even doable for the other,” she adds.

But when a trend does apply, Stoll finds excitement in innovating marketing strategies around it for her clients. “Some of the most exciting moments have been around big client launches where we are pushing a campaign live and watching people respond to it,” she tells CircleAround.

“In previous roles, that could have been an entire team sitting in a conference room for a gaming client launch, and that type of collaboration and excitement is really magic. Who I get to work with — the actual people, not just the brands — leads to some of the best moments when it all comes together.”

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