Reasons Why I Love Attending Virtual Birthday Parties

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When everybody in my family celebrated birthdays on video calls way back in March and April, little did I know this trend would continue even today. We all thought the world would be back to normal by now, but until the vaccine is fully available, it looks like COVID-19 is here to stay longer.

Of course, nothing would be better than physically hanging out with family members or friends. The joy of singing the birthday song off-key, laughing so hard that we spill our drinks, and gorging on a birthday feast is unparalleled and deeply missed.

However, quite interestingly, virtual birthday parties have proven to be an excellent substitute for the in-person experience —and even brought me closer to my family and friends. Here’s how:

We Don’t Just Stick to WhatsApp or Voice Calls Anymore

Gone are those days when we would message or call each other on our birthdays. Now we make it a point to allot one hour on the special day to gather and cut a cake and sing the birthday song on Zoom. These virtual chats are always filled with laughter and anecdotes. Sometimes we even have drinks in our hand, which further amplifies the feeling of an IRL gathering. The best part is these birthday celebrations also include my grandparents, something that wasn’t possible before.

Video Calls Even on Regular Days Make Sense

Even though my friends live in different cities, video-calling them was never an option. Our daily routines would take precedence over chatting with friends. Of course, whenever we met physically, it was great, and we always had a good time.

However, ever since the pandemic began, we have video-called each other several times — not just on birthdays but also on regular days. Even though these chats are not very long, we feel happy. At this point, remembering your friends on their special day might be the best gift you can give them.

Having Birthday Cocktails Online Is a Genius Idea

My work colleagues and I gather virtually with drinks and snacks, usually a day before or after the actual birthday. It is a great way to connect outside of the work realm, celebrate a happy day, and raise a birthday toast.

Unlike most office parties, such get-togethers are more fun over Zoom. Everybody is home in comfortable clothes, and for once, no one talks about deadlines.

Now, you might think hosting a virtual birthday party is a lot of work. On the contrary, it isn’t difficult at all. All it takes is a bit of scheduling, some technology, and a dollop of creativity. Here’s a list of things to do before the virtual party:

  • If you are hosting one, create an online invite that includes the date, time, and links details to get the recipients excited. Canva, Evite, Paperless Post and other companies have great templates for such invites.
  • So what if you can’t gift a person physically? Online shopping is still possible! So surprise the birthday person with a cake, flowers, and gift delivery.
  • Set a dress code, if possible, to make things more fun. I remember when we celebrated my 6-year-old cousin’s birthday a couple of months ago, we donned birthday caps and goofy sunglasses. She wore a beautiful dress and a tiara — an adorable sight indeed. My aunt and uncle also decorated the living room with balloons and streamers. It felt like a kid’s birthday party!
  • Create a birthday video about the person. Make a simple slideshow comprising their photos or gather tons of video clips from friends and family and compile them into one birthday video. You could then play it during the party and make the birthday person feel even more special.

Virtual parties, when done right, can deliver delightful birthday experiences. Surrounding yourself with people is what matters these days, even if you do it virtually. They are what makes life feel sweet, and life could use extra sweetness these days.

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