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She Brought Press-On Nails Into the 21st Century

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Spending time in a nail salon is a luxurious treat, but many nail enthusiasts want a more convenient way to keep up their manis at home. When nail salons shut down during the pandemic, Florence Kwok co-founded PressOn, a beauty company specializing in press-on nail kits. Today, this venture-backed, all-women-led company continues to make home manicure experiences better than ever. 

Press-on nails became popular in the ’80s and were typically made of inexpensive acrylic and glue that didn’t hold longer than a week or a few days. Today, consumers can get nail strips from a convenience store, but Kwok says these products typically can’t be cured or hardened and won’t stay on very long. 

Kwok and her team wanted to instead create press-ons that would last long, look great, and be easy to apply at home. To do this, they applied their technology and engineering skills to design press-on nails and gels to withstand chipping and breaking, and last for at least two weeks. Their products are semi-cured at 60 percent to cut down on the application process, resulting in a flexible sheet that can fit all nail shapes and sizes. Starter kits come with nail replacements and a small gel curing lamp. 

PressOn aims to make a home manicure feel as close to a salon experience as possible. “Nail Gellies are not your average stick-on nail sticker,” Kwok tells CircleAround. “We've reinvented at-home manicures, and are the first U.S.-based company to launch our semi-cured gel nail technology that's made of real salon-quality UV gel.” 

Because these products are only available online, purchasing is easy and accessible for customers. It also gives customers the opportunity to connect with the brand and its designers virtually — PressOn’s Facebook group currently has over 1.8k followers. 

Through Facebook, customers can get updates about upcoming products, post pictures of their at-home manicures, and chat with nail artists from around the world. Many of these artists have collaborated with PressOn to create designer nail kits.

In June, the company received a $10,000 investment from the  ClearAngels fund, which will help their operation expand even further. Andrew D'Souza, CEO and co-founder of Clearco, was impressed by how PressOn’s team “combined their deep tech experience with their passion for nail art to build a better way to do nails at home while building community."

Bringing press-on nails into the 21st century was a challenge Kwok and her team gladly took on during the pandemic. Currently, the team is continuing to elevate the at-home manicure experience and feel excited by the support they are receiving from customers and others in the industry. 

“Through building our nail shop and community of nail artists, we can finally say that we found our calling and our people — a group of talented artists and a chance to express our artistic roots through beauty and PressOn.”

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