She Created a Safer Way to Apply Paraffin-Wax Treatments

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Paraffin-wax treatments have been popular since the mid-20th century. The heat of the wax and essential oils offer a therapeutic, moisturizing experience. But after owning salons in Arizona, Deanna Montrose knew there was room for improvement. She founded Parasilk and Paraffin International to provide paraffin treatments that help alleviate symptomatic issues like arthritis, joint, and muscle conditions, while also providing a conditioning treatment for dry, aging skin.

She says her products are “luxury meets therapy.”

Montrose sought a solution to provide a better way to receive paraffin treatments at spas, salons, and at home. Methods like ladling wax into plastic bags or saran wrap and placing hands and feet into them were more sanitary but messy. Attempts at personalized paraffin treatments and wax baths were less portable, more expensive, and time-consuming.

Safe and Sanitary

“I made the decision to try and change the application with the challenge of changing the problems with the wax bath,” Montrose tells CircleAround. To overcome this challenge, she developed Parasilk into an international business, raising $3.6 million dollars in Series A funding in 2018.

Her patented gLOVE Treat products provide an individualized, sanitary way for customers to use paraffin products virtually anywhere. Gloves and boots filled with paraffin treatments are designed to be worn and used for hands or feet. The gloves and boots have soft adhesive seals to keep the heat and products secure, and a heart-shaped thermochromatic indicator alerts users when the paraffin wax is at a safe temperature to use.

“Our current product heats in the microwave in two minutes and has an inner liner that stops the mess, while our gloves and boots have the paraffin sealed inside,” she explains. This prevents cross-contamination, which previously had been an issue in the industry for decades.

Now paraffin wax baths are much more sanitary, as several early 2000s studies have shown. Montrose was amongst the revolutionaries to find hygienic solutions for applying paraffin, and she even won the Arizona Innovation Challenge in 2015 for her progressive solutions. Since launching, Parasilk and Paraffin International products have been included in lifestyle subscription boxes like Good Morning America’s Deals & Steals, and have even made it onto Oprah’s O List.

Montrose is happy to have created a product that many of her customers have found useful and comforting during the pandemic. “I am most proud of our team and its ability to move through tough obstacles, challenges, and pivots,” she tells CircleAround.

Now, she looks forward to creating more innovative, luxury-meets-therapy products to bring these treatments to more people around the world in the safest, most convenient way possible.

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