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Need Hot Vax Summer Girl Trip Ideas? Why Not Check Out the Woods in Woodstock

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After more than a year of quarantining at home away from your friends, you may be itching to go on your first post-vaccination vacation. But, a lot of us are still wary about the idea of being around large groups of people. Or, you may not yet feel comfortable using public transportation like planes, trains, or buses. There are still plenty of vacation ideas that can help accommodate almost any comfort level.

I’ve written before about my all-female bowling team consisting of some of the best women on this planet. We love spending time with each other, so when one of us won a stay in a cabin in the woods in upstate New York a couple years ago, we jumped at the chance to have a ladies-only summer retreat in the wilderness of Woodstock.

Those of us who could leave earlier in the day piled into a rented minivan near Astor Place in New York City. The majority of us have a pretty hippie vibe, so we were excited to bond with each other and with nature. This led to a running theme throughout the trip in which we would refer to ourselves as witches. No, not the green skinned, wart-having kind, but the goddesses-who-appreciate-nature-and-Mother-Earth kind. We used the hashtag #titsandwitches, which humorously degraded to #titsandwich pretty fast.

Many inside jokes were born out of this trip, including a long-standing affinity for bears.

During our drive upstate, we stopped at Storm King, an open-air art center in Mountainville, New York. According to Wikipedia, it contains “perhaps the largest collection of contemporary outdoor sculptures in the United States.” We admired the art, danced around the sculptures, and found plenty of fodder for our Instagram stories. It was a welcome break in the middle of our trek from NYC to Woodstock.

After arriving at the cabin, we covered ourselves in bug spray and lit every citronella candle we could find — a must for any woodsy adventure. We enjoyed getting to cook together, drink together, and play games. It felt like an adult slumber party.

Many inside jokes were born out of this trip, including a long-standing affinity for bears. First, we were scared of the bears, with some of us convinced as we sat outside in a large tent at night that there were bears everywhere. To be fair, depending on where you sat in the tent, it really did sound like there was something creeping up behind you. Eventually, we grew to love the bears — a joke I couldn’t stop playing on my fiancé, despite him tiring of it quite early on, where I pretended to be a bear that had stolen my phone passed through the group, with most of us texting our significant others as “Bear” by the end of the trip. Now, years later, we still refer to ourselves collectively as “Bear” in casual conversation. There was even one moment where, when I hit a strike during our weekly bowling game, I instinctively screamed “BEAR!” only to have it echoed back by my teammates. I’m sure it confused the other team, but we love “Bear.”

Now, years later, we still speak fondly about our trip to the woods in Woodstock and we are eagerly planning a follow-up.


We spent our long weekend taking advantage of the activities you could only engage in outside of a city. We went hiking … well, fine, we got lost multiple times while trying to go hiking until we successfully found a hiking trail, but hiking happened eventually. We took in a performance of Romeo & Juliet in the park, complete with an amazing picnic spread we packed ourselves. And, we spent our last day shopping in Woodstock proper, enjoying the amazing hippie vibes and Woodstock ’69 memorabilia. The small, arty boutiques were our favorites, with handmade jewelry and homemade lotions and soaps. We capped off our mini-break with a trip to an ice cream parlor, the ending to any successful summer vacation, in my opinion.

Now, years later, we still speak fondly about our trip to the woods in Woodstock and we are eagerly planning a follow-up. All of us have finally been vaccinated after spending the last year and a half missing each other desperately. And, a trip out of the city to a cabin in the woods with some of my favorite women sounds like exactly what we need to unwind after the madness of this pandemic. If you need a low-key but highly fun adventure, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better solution than this. Just make sure to pack bug spray and some kind of bear repellant, just in case.

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