Delivery Driver Stranded During Texas Storm Housed by Couple for 5 Days

driver stuck in snow storm

Photo Credit: Chris Peeters/Pexels

A delivery driver, who attempted to make her final run of the night, ended up stranded during the Texas winter storm last week. But the strangers she was delivering food to kindly took her in — for five days!

The event happened when Houston resident, Chelsea Timmons, was making one of her weekly trips to Austin, the Texas capital, where she goes in an effort to get more money doing her delivery job, reports CNN. But Timmons got more than she bargained for when her Toyota Rav4 reportedly got stuck in the flowerbed of couple Doug Condon and Nina Richardson.

I thought it was just going to be for one night, but here I am, day five.

Timmons was dropping off the couple's order of groceries before planning to head back to Houston, about a three-hour drive in normal conditions. When Timmons' truck got stock, Condon and Richardson invited her into their home to wait for a tow truck.

"They invited me inside and of course, at that point, I was just feeling very awkward coming into a stranger's home," Timmons told CNN. "But they were super kind. When they invited me in, I sat with my mask in their kitchen for about two hours."

As the storm worsened, the hours waiting for help turned to days, so Timmons took up residence in the couple's guest room. Luckily, both Condon and Richardson had been recently vaccinated, so the fear of spreading COVID-19 was lessened; they reportedly insisted that Timmons stay with them for fear of what she would encounter should she go elsewhere.

Getting into a Group Rhythm

The trio ultimately got into a rhythm over the course of the storm: working together to shovel out Timmons' car when the storm seemed to break, cooking and baking together, and even enjoying Valentine's Day as a group.

The couple made steak with blue cheese, broccoli, and salad, which Timmons told CNN was "definitely not how I expected my Valentine's Day to go."

This was definitely not how I expected my Valentine's Day to go.

"We had a great dinner and I sat, I was warm, I was fed and it was just amazing and I thought it was just going to be for one night, but here I am, day five," she said.

Ultimately, Condon told the network that their "surprise guest" turned out "to be quite an enjoyable experience" and Richardson even said she was "part of the family."

Condon went on to add: "We would hope that if our daughters were in a situation similar to Chelsea, that there would be someone that would treat them like we treated Chelsea. I don't think we ever thought twice about it."

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